The Cutest Fall Sweets We've Ever Made

Turkey Day Cupcakes
Autumn has officially arrived, so it's time for some of our favorite cool-weather desserts. But this year, we're giving plain pumpkin pie a super-cute update to make it even more tempting. These adorable desserts celebrate everything we love about fall, like trips to the pumpkin patch, multicolor leaves on trees, and even the acorns scattered on sidewalks.

Spooky Strawberry Pumpkin Patch

Bring the pumpkin patch to your treat table with these adorable orange sweets. A quick dip in orange candy coating makes strawberries look almost exactly like pumpkins; a few swirls of green frosting form realistic vines.

Pumpkin Pie Pops

It's not really fall until you've had a slice of pumpkin pie, but we think this fall favorite could use a cute upgrade. Luckily, these adorable pumpkin pie pops are here to save the day. Now all you need is whipped cream!

Candy Corn Waffled Cake

Cream cheese frosting and a handful of orange and yellow sprinkles turn these slices of carrot cake into cute candy corn treats. Plus, this dessert saves you the hassle of preheating your oven—the carrot cake bakes right in your waffle iron!

Marshmallow Treat Turkey Dessert

You might not be ready to think about turkey yet, but these marshmallow treats will change your mind. Melted chocolate, sandwich cookies, and candy turn plain marshmallow desserts into almost-lifelike turkey treats.

Football Cookie Dough Pops

Instead of eating your cookie dough with a spoon, dress it up for the big game by making football pops! A quick dip in chocolate and a few drizzles of white chocolate will have your plain cookie dough ready for kickoff in no time.

Halloween Pumpkin Bundt Cake

This cute pumpkin cake might have "Halloween" in the name, but there's no reason you can't serve this cake throughout the season. A few drops of food coloring and a green ice cream cone "stem" make this pumpkin bundt cake almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Autumn Leaf Cookies

The trees might be losing their leaves, but your treat table is gaining autumn leaf cookies! A few drops of food coloring and leaf cookie cutters turn sugar cookies into fall leaves that are (almost) too pretty to eat.

Caramel Acorn Treats

If you only want a teeny-tiny taste of fall, these adorable acorns are calling your name. Shape vanilla caramels into acorn shapes, then top with mini chocolate sandwich cookies and butterscotch chips for cute fall treats that look like they've just fallen from your oak tree. 

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

Turn your treat table into a full-blown pumpkin patch by covering it with these cupcakes. Pipe on green frosting to look like grass, and finish each mini patch with candied pumpkins to make a visit to the pumpkin patch as easy as snagging one of these sweets.

Baby Owl Cupcakes

There's not much that's cuter than baby owls, and these cupcakes are here to prove it. Just one glance at these irresistibly adorable cupcakes will have your guests hooting with happiness.

Pie Cupcakes

Are you a cake or pie person? When you serve fall pie cupcakes, there's no debate necessary. A few easy upgrades turn ordinary yellow cupcakes into adorable mini pumpkin, cherry, and pecan pies.

Sweet Potato Roses

These spirals might look complicated, but you only need a handful of ingredients to bake up a bouquet of sweet potato roses. Finish them with a quick drizzle of caramel sauce to make them even more tempting.

Pumpkin Football Cakes

For some, fall means the return of rich pumpkin flavors. For others, autumn marks the beginning of football seaon. When you combine the two into cute pumpkin cakes disguised as footballs, the result is a dessert everyone can cheer for.

Creamy Pumpkin Butter Sandwich Cookies

These shortbread cookie sandwiches bring plenty of fall spirit thanks to a spiced pumpkin butter filling and their pumpkin shape. Make these autumn sweets even more indulgent with a quick dip in melted chocolate.

7 Adorably Decorated Fall Cupcakes

Turkeys and pies and pumpkins, oh my! There's no shortage of ways to transform plain cupcakes into autumn marvels. Whether you go for a classic orange pumpkin or roasted marshmallows over a fire, these cupcakes will always get you in the fall spirit.

Apple Pie Pops

We all crave a slice of apple pie as soon as autumn arrives. And this classic apple dessert can be so much cuter than plain slices. Leave the forks in your silverware drawer and serve this fall favorite on a stick for a twist on apple pie that your guests will go gaga over.

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Celebrate the return of fall (and the return of candy corn) with these cupcakes piled high with orange, yellow, and white frosting. There's no better way to show your love for the striped candy!

Turkey Tom Cupcakes

Say hello to the holidays and send off fall in a splendid fashion with these turkey day-inspired cupcakes. After being displayed on your treat table during the big feast, these candy-topped cupcakes will be gobbled up in no time.

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