Stunning Cupcake Wedding Bouquet

Putting together a gorgeous wedding centerpiece is as easy as making cupcakes! We'll show you how to make this stunning edible cupcake bouquet complete with piping how-tos and decorating ideas. All it takes is a few simple steps.

Cupcakes > Flowers. Put together a stunning (and delicious!) cupcake bouquet centerpiece -- we'll show you how!

Get our step-by-step instructions for creating a gorgeous wedding centerpiece. 

Get the complete recipe here.

Step 1: Create the Base

Secure the foam ball the vase of your choice. We inserted a couple of skewers into a chunk of florist foam to fill the bottom of the vase and added marbles to fill the vase. Press the ball into the skewers sticking out of the top of the vase. 

Step 2: Arrange the Cupcakes

Organize unfrosted cupcakes on ball using two to four toothpicks for each cupcake. Insert toothpicks into ball before placing cupcakes onto them. Remove cakes from ball, laving the picks in the foam.  

Step 3: Decorate Your Cupcakes

The designs for each cupcake flower are easier than you think! To simplify, use just one color and design, such as all white hydrangeas. The results are still stunning. 

White Coneflower Use a rose tip and hold the bag so the tip is flat against the cupcake. Point the wide part of the tip toward the outside. Pipe thick squiggles from the rim of the cupcake inward toward the center. Place a candy gumdrop in the center. 

White Hydrangea Use a large open star tip to pipe white frosting stars in short bursts all over the top of the cupcake. 

Pink Rose With the large open star tip pointed straight down in the middle of the cupcake, start piping frosting in a large spiral, ending with the outside of the cupcake.

Step 4: Place Cupcakes

After the cupcakes are decorated, place them back on the toothpicks. 

Step 5: Add Greenery

Finish the look by filling in any spaces between cupcakes with artificial floral greenery. 

Get the complete recipe here.

Cupcake Bouquet Tips

Here are some tips for a perfect cupcake wedding bouquet.

  • For best results, add cupcakes to the foam ball as close to serving time as possible. 
  • If you need to transport the bouquet, assemble it on location (bring extra cupcakes and frosting in case you need to fix or replace cupcakes).


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