Dress your cupcakes for sparkling winter days with snowman and snowflake designs that are as much fun to create as the real thing.


These cupcakes are blanketed in charming snowman and snowflake designs. Featuring easy techniques and readily available ingredients and decorating elements, our frosty friends will charm your children, friends, neighbors, book club members, colleagues, or holiday bake sale crowd.

Keep the theme snowy to the core with our tested Vanilla Cupcake recipe. The flavorful cupcakes make tasty foundations for these wintery toppers. These toppers also work well with any other favorite cupcake recipe or with purchased cupcakes.

To ensure you have everything you need, we've put the recipe and six snow-theme cupcake toppers together in our free mini cookbook. Get the mini cookbook, and you'll always have smile-inducing ideas for topping your cupcakes.


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