Party Cupcakes

The party begins when you bring out a tray of delicious vanilla, fruity, or chocolate cupcakes. Our flair-filled cupcake recipes are the perfect way to sweeten up your next soiree.

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    Neapolitan Cupcakes

    These party cupcakes prove that three flavors are better than one. A soft stack of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry cake simply requires dividing the batter and doling out the different flavors.

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    Mocha-Filled Banana Cupcakes

    Thanks to moist banana cake, rich mocha filling, and an adorable banana-chip garnish, these cupcake cuties are sure-to-please party desserts. Our recipe yields up to 30 cupcakes, so it's perfect for a crowd.

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    Cranberry Chai Cupcakes

    Great for a winter gathering, this chai-spiced cupcake recipe features sweet bites of cranberry. The frosting is heartwarming, too: Six spices brighten classic cream cheese frosting.

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    Triple-Chocolate Cupcakes

    Give guests what they really want: heaps and heaps of chocolate. Our ultimate chocolate cupcakes combine bittersweet chocolate batter with rich creme de cacao and buttery dark chocolate frosting for a party cupcake that's downright undeniable.

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    Root Beer Float Cupcakes

    If it's too chilly for ice cream floats, don’t worry! These root beer-infused cupcakes give you all the sweet, creamy flavors you love -- no brain freeze necessary. Dollop on fluffy float frosting, and garnish with a root beer hard candy.

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    Spiked Raspberry-Lemonade Cupcakes

    Cocktail cupcakes seem so right for a party. This sweet lemon cupcake recipe features raspberry liqueur in the batter and the powdered sugar frosting. Cheers!

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    Cupcakes + Booze = The Next Big Thing

    If you love our spiked lemon-raspberry cupcakes, you're not alone. Boozy baking is quite the craze, and you can learn everything you need to know in our video.

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    Island Bananas Foster Cupcakes

    Bursting with dreamy tropical flavors like banana, coconut, and rum, these sweet party cupcakes are perfect for your next grill-out.

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    Tiramisu Cupcakes

    We subbed soft vanilla cake for ladyfingers in our tiramisu cupcakes, but otherwise your favorites are all here: rich espresso, Mascarpone frosting, a splash of rum, and -- of course -- chocolate.

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    Spiced Molasses Cupcakes with Marshmallow Cream Cheese Frosting

    Filled with the sultry tang of molasses, these pumpkin-spiced cupcakes are love at first bite. Serve them at an autumn bash or tailgate, and guests will be head over heels.

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    Easy Confetti Celebration Cupcakes

    Sometimes a host plans a party on the fly. In that case, reach for these incredibly easy yet incredibly cute confetti cupcakes. The time-saving secret? Use store-bought cupcakes and decorate to your heart's content.

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    Surprise Cupcakes

    The only thing better than a chocolate cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese filling. Wow party guests with these orange-laced stunners. No one has to know they start with a boxed mix.

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    Champagne Cupcakes

    Lightly sweet champagne joins forces with bright strawberry filling for a cupcake recipe worthy of cheers. Add glamour with pearly pink sprinkles on the champagne butter frosting.

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    Sparkler Cupcakes

    Simple confetti cupcakes become rave-worthy party desserts with cool candy toppers. We love these cupcakes in patriotic red, white, and blue, but you can change the colors to match your bash.

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    Jelly-Filled Doughnut Cupcakes

    Breakfast for dinner? How about breakfast for dessert! Pipe your favorite jams and jellies into soft vanilla cupcakes for a dessert guests will chat about all the way home.

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