For every type of baker, there's a cookie to match.


When it comes to cookie baking, especially at holiday time, we all have our favorite cookie recipes. Some of us stick to the classics because we love our cookie traditions. Others can't wait to try a trendy new ingredient or appliance. Many people are strapped for time and need a quick-to-make cookie; others will spend hours intricately decorating cookies with piping bags and fancy cookie tools. Take our cookie personality quiz to see if we can determine your baking style, and we'll share a recipe that fits your personality for you to make this season.

Get Your Perfect Cookie Based on Your Baking Personality

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
December 10, 2020
This is completely useless! My result was "Personality: The Spirited Baker" implying that I add liquor to my baking. THAT could NOT be FURTHER from the truth! NOT ONE of my chosen answers had ANYTHING to do with liquor. I do not drink alcohol and hate the taste of things that include it. Most of my answers were about using pre-cooked or semi-prepared options so I was sure my "Personality" would be about quick and easy cookies. WASTE OF TIME!