Shortbread Cookies

Tender-crisp shortbread cookies are delicious in their simplicity. The buttery cookie is often cut into rounds or imprinted with a decorative flourish. Great glazes and mix-ins amplify the simple shortbread palette. Discover our basic steps for making classic shortbread cookies, or punch it up with shortbread bars and fruit and herb enhancements for the dough.

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Caramel Coconut Cookie Bars

This take on the Girl Scouts Samoas cookies (aka Caramel deLites) transforms them to bar form so you can quickly whip up a batch of 24 without having to shape them into perfect circles with the hole in the center.
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Fruit Sushi Cookie Donut

Create a cookie recipe that looks like sushi using thinly sliced fruits atop sugar cookies. They're a cute dessert guaranteed to impress.
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Snickerdoodle Shortbread

Shortbread cookies get a snickerdoodle makeover thanks to a cinnamon-sugar topping. Serve these simple shortbread cookies by the slice, cookie pizza-style.
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Pink Peppercorn-Viola Shortbread

Flour, sugar, and butter are all you need to bake up a classic shortbread recipe. Add color and complementary flavors with crushed pink peppercorns and edible violas.
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Our Best Shortbread Cookies for Christmas

Buttery shortbread cookies taste great any time of year—yet because they’re infinitely shapeable and easy to decorate, they’re top choices for holiday baking, too. With shortbread recipes galore, this story shows you how to make shortbread into the stars of your Christmas cookie tray.
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5 Cookie Gift Ideas

Wrap up a baker's dozen in pretty packaging that makes gifting to the hard-to-buy-for a cinch. These cookie gifts are inexpensive and can be made in bulk for parties, holidays, or as presents for your coworkers.
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More Shortbread Cookies

White Chocolate-Cherry Shortbread

A basic shortbread recipe requires nothing more than butter, flour, and sugar. This version of the classic cookie recipe is dressed up with the addition of maraschino cherries and a dip in melted white chocolate.
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Vanilla Bean Shortbread Sandwiches with Orange Buttercream

Make the vanilla-flavored shortbread in advance and store them in the freezer. Then when you're ready to present them, add the fresh orange frosting to make an elegant sandwich cookie.
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Macadamia Nut Cranberry Shortbread

Tart cranberries and salty, crunchy macadamia nuts are a match made in cookie heaven!