Cookie Sandwiches

What's better than one cookie? Two cookies! (Especially when served as a sandwich with homemade filling in between.) We have all the flavors you expect: vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies, snickerdoodle and oatmeal sandwiches, plus whoopie pies and sandwich cookies made with a cut-out top cookie so the filling shows through. Time to get baking!

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Grapefruit and White Chocolate Cookies
A dip of creamy white chocolate balances the bite of grapefruit in Yossy's cutout cookies.
Holiday Moonpies
Moonpies are a Southern snack that dates back to 1917. Although they come in many flavors, this version adds festive sprinkles to the classic combo of graham cookies, marshmallow filling, and chocolate coating.
Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cream Pies
Oatmeal cream pies are what started it all for the Little Debbie Brand name in the 1960s. This carrot-raisin version updates the classic flavor.
Chocolate-Orange Sandwich Cookies
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This copycat cookie recipe looks like the much-loved Milano cookies you buy at the store, but the cookie texture is more tender than crisp.
Our Best Ice Cream Sandwiches
Why choose between a cookie sandwich or an ice cream recipe when you can enjoy both in one crave-busting package? Each of our favorite ice cream sandwiches—with variations that include fruit, chocolate, and even donuts—is so delicious that these ice cream treats will surely disappear long before they melt.
17 Sandwich Cookies to Eat When One Cookie Just Isn't Enough
Sometimes you can't have just one—luckily, these cookie sandwiches let you eat two cookies with just one trip to the cookie jar.

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11 Macaron Recipes That Make the Case for Best. Cookie. Ever.
Macarons (the meringue-based sandwich cookies sometimes called French macarons, not coconut macaroons) are adorable sandwich cookies perfect for bridal showers, birthdays, or really anytime a cute cookie recipe is in order. The airy cookies are made of whipped egg whites and sugar (and often nuts) and filled with all kinds of things, such as fruity jamlike flavors or creamy peanut butter fillings. You can customize macaron recipes any way, but here are 11 ideas to get you started.