Pretty Patterned Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cookies
Create new holiday favorites with patterned cookies that mix delicious flavors and dazzle the eye.

Striped Ginger Cookies

These pretty cookies get their stripes from a combination of sugar cookie and gingerbread dough.

Patchwork Mitten Cookies

These creamy butter cookies have limitless color possibilities. Simply divide the dough into five portions and tint each with your favorite color.

Two-Tone Cinnamon Cookies

A classic butter cookie base is the perfect canvas for these beautiful marble creations. The elegant effect is made with swirls of cinnamon glaze and white glaze.

Chocolate-Mint Checkerboard Cookies

To make this stunning holiday cookie, press two different kinds of flavored dough together before baking.

Red-Hot Chocolate Slices

This pretty sugar cookie features the delicious flavors of chocolate and cinnamon -- plus, a festive candy topping.

Chocolate-Coffee Ribbons

This sophisticated sliced cookie features two classic flavor pairings -- chocolate and coffee.

Chocolate-Pistachio Swirls

Hosting a holiday dinner party? Serve this elegant yet easy cookie with an espresso or glass of tawny port.

Tropical Checkerboards

Add tropical flair to your holiday baking with these creative cookies featuring flavors of coconut, macadamia, and rum.

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