Are you looking for a fun cookie idea to liven up your next summer barbecue? Shish kabob cookies are the perfect finishing touch to delight your guests.

Summer Cookie

What You'll Need:

Circle cookie cutters -- small, medium, and large

Square cookie cutter

Dog bone-shape cookie cutter

Heart-shape cookie cutter

Bamboo skewers

Gel food coloring in red, green, ivory, brown, black, purple, white, yellow, light coral, and orange

Disposable piping bags

#2 piping tip

Small round piping tip

Petal piping tip

Summer Cookie


Prepare the cookie dough according to the recipe. Use the cookie cutters pictured, right, and trim accordingly:

      Tomato = small circle

      Green sweet pepper/onion = large circle cut into quarters

      Mushroom = dog bone cut in half

      Steak = small square

      Lemon = medium circle cut in half

      Shrimp = heart cut in half

Summer Cookie

To attach the cookies to the skewers, evenly arrange various cookie cutouts over a clean bamboo skewer and gently press down.

Decorate the cookies on the skewers. See detailed decorating instructions, below.

Prepare the Royal Icing to medium consistency and tint with gel food coloring in desired colors as directed, below.

The perfect medium-consistency icing should be similar in density to honey. To test icing consistency, run a knife through the thinned icing. It should take approximately 17 to 20 seconds to flow back together for best results.

Add the icing to piping bags fitted with a #2 decorating tip.

Summer Cookie

To decorate the cookies, follow these directions:

Tomato Outline a small round cookie with red icing and quickly flood the center.

Green Sweet Pepper Use green icing to flood half of a quartered large round cookie. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, then flood the remaining half of the cookie.

Mushroom Use ivory icing to flood the mushroom cap (the top of a halved dog bone-shape cookie). Wait 5 to 10 minutes, then flood the stem.

Steak Flood a square cookie with brown icing. Quickly pipe "grill marks" with black icing using a small round piping tip.

Summer Cookie

Onion Use purple icing to pipe a line near the curved edge of a quartered large round cookie. Wait 2 to 3 minutes, then flood the remaining portion of the cookie with white icing. Quickly pipe three thin purple lines onto the wet white icing using a small round piping tip.

Lemon Flood a halved medium round cookie with yellow icing. Use white icing to quickly add a center dot and to pipe a thin line near the curved edge of the cookie using a small round piping tip. Quickly drag a toothpick or bamboo skewer through the wet white line to create the lemon sections.

Shrimp Use light coral icing to pipe sections onto a halved heart-shape cookie. Fill every other section, making sure the sections do not touch. This will create a dimensional look. Let the cookie dry for 10 to 15 minutes, then fill a few more sections. Finish by filling any remaining sections. Pipe a tail with orange icing using a petal piping tip.

Sweet Sugar Belle Callye Alvarado

Callye Alvarado is the cookie decorator behind the blog, The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. As a young, stay at home mom, Callye's creative spirit and love of baking came full circle when she discovered the art of cookie decorating. Her hobby quickly turned into an obsession, and she decided to share her passion with the world via the Internet. When Callye isn't decorating cookies, she can often be found trying to keep up with her four little ones. 


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