Send your famous cookie recipe to loved ones anywhere! See how to pack cookies so they won't crumble, plus other tips for how to mail cookies.

By Andrea Beck
August 14, 2016

Whether the holidays are coming up or you just want to send someone an extra-special care package, you can't go wrong with cookies. We'll show you how to pack them so they arrive in one piece (and we'll share some of our favorite recipes, too!).

Wrap Cookies

Wrap pairs of cookies, back-to-back, in plastic wrap. It might be a little time-consuming to divide your batch into sets of two, but trust us—it's worth the extra wrapping to make sure they arrive safely.

Line and Pack the Box

Line a box with bubble wrap. Pack the wrapped cookies on end into the box in rows. Fill any extra space with packing materials.

Wrap Box and Mail

Seal the top of the box with packing tape. Wrap the box in kraft paper and secure with tape. Using a black permanent marker, write both your return address and the address you're sending the cookies to on the top of the box. Write perishable across one side of the box. Now your package is ready to mail!

Cookie Recipes to Send

Send holiday-theme cookies as a present for relatives who live far away, or send a batch of your favorite cookies to friends or family any time of the year to make their day a little sweeter. No matter what the occasion, we have a cookie recipe that's ready to make the trek!

More Cookie Tips and Tricks

Don't stop at our secrets for mailing cookies! We still have plenty of tips to share. Learn how to freeze cookies for later, store leftovers, decorate, and more.


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