Biscotti, a crisp Italian cookie, is always delightful, whether you're enjoying it in the morning with coffee or ending the evening with dessert. We've gathered our favorite biscotti recipes, including decadent chocolate biscotti and biscotti with hazelnuts and fruit. You'll love these crunchy cookie recipes that are perfect for dunking.

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5 Cookie Gift Ideas

Wrap up a baker's dozen in pretty packaging that makes gifting to the hard-to-buy-for a cinch. These cookie gifts are inexpensive and can be made in bulk for parties, holidays, or as presents for your coworkers.
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Homemade Biscotti Recipes

Biscotti flavors are varied, and our Chocolate Biscotti recipe is just the beginning! We'll show you how to make biscotti in flavors including lemon biscotti with almonds, orange biscotti with pistachios, mocha biscotti with hazelnuts, and much, much more. We’ll also point the way to our best biscotti recipe, according to our readers.
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White Chocolate and Cherry Biscotti

This is one of the best biscotti recipes for gifting. Dressed up with dried fruit, toasted almonds, and melted white chocolate, this homemade biscotti looks as amazing as it tastes.
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White Chocolate, Cornmeal, and Almond Mini Biscotti

These mini biscotti cookies are delicious with morning coffee or evening cocoa. Glazed with white chocolate and sprinkled with jimmies, they're a sweet treat made for dipping.
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Pecan Crunch Biscotti

Pecans and a browned butter glaze take this biscotti recipe to new gift-ready levels. Enjoy it with coffee at brunch or pack up a box of biscotti cookies for a hostess or holiday gift.
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Lemon-Walnut Biscotti

Made for dunking in coffee, tea, or milk, this Lemon-Walnut Biscotti recipe is ideal for tea parties or after-dinner dessert.
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Almond Biscotti

Each crisp biscotti is low-fat, yet luscious. This recipe is easily adjusted to accommodate almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, or cashews.
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Lemon-Pistachio Biscotti

This Italian cookie is filled with pistachio nuts, so it's rich enough for dessert.
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