America Voted: These Are the Top Cookie Flavors for the Holidays

According to a survey, baking our favorite treats is one thing that will stay the same this year.

With big family holiday dinners going virtual and no in-person greetings to Santa this year, the longing for tradition is high. This applies to food traditions, too. According to a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bob's Red Mill, three out of five (60%) Americans say the family would "throw a fit" if a specific dish wasn't on the holiday table. I don't know about you, but it just wouldn't be Christmas without my grandma's famous chocolate chip cookies. So when nearly half the country (49%) plans to spend the holidays with immediate family only, what about those favorite cookies usually made by loved ones that won't be at your event?

While 53% say the person who usually makes their favorite dish won't be around this year, 67% still expect to enjoy the dish. That means more people are taking on a traditional family recipe by themselves for the first time. Yay for more baking therapy!

Almond Sugar Cookies and Mascarpone-Cocoa Cutouts
Carson Downing

America's Top Cookie Flavors

Because the holidays wouldn't be complete without cookies for Santa (or me!), here are the top cookie flavors America will make in 2020, according to the survey:

1. Chocolate Chip (40%)
2. Peanut Butter (26%)
3. Sugar Cookies (25%)
4. Gingerbread (21%)
5. Snickerdoodles (20%)
6. Oatmeal Raisin (20%)
7. Shortbread (20%)
8. Kiss Cookies/Peanut Butter Blossoms (19%)
9. Snowball Cookies/Sandies (17%)
10. Thumbprint Cookies (16%)

Experienced baker or not, baking up a batch of sugar cookies that taste just like Mom's is no simple task. "You don't have to be a diehard fan of reality cooking shows to know that a 'good bake' depends on lots of factors beyond skill level," says Sarena Shasteen, culinary content specialist at Bob's Red Mill. "Even if you follow the recipe exactly, your dish can be affected by the oven you use, the ingredients you buy, and even the climate you live in, which might be why family recipes can be so tough to recreate."

If you can't get the recipe right or don't want to make the treats without the family member who usually brings them, you could always try a twist on an all-time favorite cookie. Make your sugar cookie cutouts with cocoa and mascarpone (pictured above) or try a new design. Customize chocolate chip cookies with raspberries or salted caramel. Turn peanut butter cookies into brookies. The list goes on. No matter what cookie you decide to tackle in the kitchen, here's to embracing new and old traditions this holiday season.

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