Buzzy Caffeinated Desserts

Coffee isn't just for mornings! Get an energy boost from these bread pudding, cupcake, cookie, and other delicious dessert recipes spiked with java and inspired by some of your favorite coffeehouse treats.

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    Coffee Cone Affogato

    These mini chocolate-covered cones offer a bite-size coffee break! Add a tiny scoop of ice cream and top it off with a splash of espresso for a satisfying and energy-boosting sweet treat.

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    Coffee and Cream Bread Puddings

    Fold a couple of spoonfuls of coffee crystals into the cream portion of this bread pudding recipe so each individually portioned dessert has the essence of java. Slather on cream cheese icing and sprinkle with chocolate-covered coffee beans for a dessert that will leave everyone buzzing about the chef.

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    Boozy Mocha Pops

    Calling all iced coffee fans! These ice pops are the frozen version of your favorite cold brew—combined with vodka and Kahlua, and garnished with melted chocolate.

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    Opera Cake

    If tiramisu came to life in layer cake form, it might taste like this over-the-top homemade almond cake. Brush each layer with a strong coffee syrup and slather with coffee buttercream, then pile them high and finish with a decadent chocolate ganache. It's a sweet work of art!

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    Coffee Shake Shots

    For a one-two punch of java goodness, these dessert shots call for coffee ice cream and coffee liqueur. Take things over the top by topping each glass with a sprinkle of chocolate-coated coffee beans.

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    Salted Caramel-Mocha Spoons

    These chocolate-caramel spoons are made for stirring a mug of coffee, but we suggest doubling your pick-me-up pleasure by adding a pinch of espresso powder to the melted chocolate, too.

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    Vanilla-Cardamom Affogato with Candied Pecans

    For easily scoopable and rich-tasting homemade ice cream (it's worth the effort, by the way), stir in some honey before churning. Top a serving or two with a healthy pour of espresso and crunchy candied pecans for this next-level frozen dessert.

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    Cinnamon-Coffee-Dunked Donut Pudding

    Swing by the bakery just before it closes to snag the end-of-day treats, then put them to good use in this coffee-infused donut pudding. Sprinkles are optional—but highly recommended.

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    Chocolate Bread Pudding with Mocha Cream Sauce

    The coffee boost here comes by way of the luxurious mocha sauce that's spooned over the top of the slow-cooked cocoa bread pudding. Be sure to serve it warm, and top with whipped cream and crumbled chocolate coffee beans if you like. (We do.)

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    Mochaccino Cupcakes

    Brew your coffee nice and strong, then set aside a mug aside after your morning eye-opener to use in this dessert. Most will go into the batter of these chocolate cupcakes, and the final splash stars in the icing.

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    Triple-Chocolate Mocha Cake

    A whole cup of coffee replaces the water or milk in this cake recipe that gets its "triple" name from chopped unsweetened, melted white, and melted milk chocolate. To take things up another fancy notch, dust with powdered sugar infused with a dash of espresso powder.

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    Mocha Cream Shake

    Low in temperature and calories (just 158 per cup!), this frozen yogurt shake is made with sugar-free chocolate syrup and coffee. If you like, freeze coffee cubes to blend in instead of ice cubes so the flavors stay strong from first to last sip.

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    Tiramisu Cupcakes

    Think of these tiramisu-flavor desserts as single-serving coffee poke cakes! After baking the chocolate chip cake batter, poke the cakes with a toothpick and spoon espresso over the top, allowing it to soak in before frosting with a coffee liqueur mascarpone.

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    Cinnamon-Coffee Cookies

    Instant coffee and chocolate-coated coffee beans add a caffeine kick to these warmly spiced cookies. Build a sweet sandwich by scooping some coffee ice cream between two of the cooled cookies.

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    Espresso Brownies

    If the hefty amount of chocolate in this brownie recipe doesn't wake you up, the scoop of espresso powder and coffee liqueur in the batter sure will! One batch of these fudgy brownies yields 48, making this the perfect dessert to serve at your next (adults-only) potluck.

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