6 Orange Creamsicle Desserts that Put a Fresh Twist on the Classic

When the craving strikes, nothing hits the spot quite like an orange creamsicle. With these recipes, you can make a delicious dessert any day of the year.

It's always refreshing to cool off with an orange cream pop, but that doesn't mean this delicious dessert should only be eaten in the summer. Unfortunately, when they're not in season, classic cream pops can sometimes be a little tricky to track down. Luckily, you can make an orange creamsicle dessert that's just as tasty as the traditional pop in your own kitchen (and at any time of year). Whether you choose to stick with a cool treat or expand your creamsicle horizons into orange-and-vanilla cookies and cupcakes, there's something here for everyone—eating each one on a wooden stick is optional.

Orange Cream-Pop Cupcakes
Blaine Moats

1. Orange Cream-Pop Cupcakes

Orange cream pops, meet cupcakes. These super-cute orange cupcakes are topped with swirls of luscious cream cheese and orange peel-flavored frosting. Top off each one with a wooden craft stick stuck into the frosting as an homage to the original creamsicle dessert. They'll look just like your favorite treat, and if you're generous enough to share, anyone who snags one will know exactly what flavors to expect.

Orange Cream Spiral Cookies
Jason Donnelly

2. Orange Cream Spiral Cookies

Hello, cookies and cream! Of course, rather than chocolate, this sweet cookie recipe swirls orange-flavored and creamy vanilla doughs together into an irresistible orange creamsicle dessert. As a finishing touch, roll the edges of the cookies in orange sprinkles or sanding sugar before baking (you can also freeze the dough, then slice and bake anytime you need a creamsicle-inspired sweet).

Orange Swirled Cheesecake
Jason Donnelly

3. Orange Swirled Cheesecake

When you want to make cream pops for a crowd, choose this beautiful orange cheesecake. This orange cream pop dessert recipe is a great way to share the zesty, creamy flavors with everyone. Orange juice and fresh orange peel give the swirls their signature color and flavor, while adding vanilla to cream cheese and milk makes the white swirls of this dessert as tasty as the filling of any cream pop.

glasses of orange creamsicle smoothies
Blaine Moats

4. Orange Cream Pop Smoothie

A good smoothie is already extra creamy, so turning one into a creamsicle dessert just makes sense. That's exactly what this almond milk and frozen orange juice smoothie tastes like. Vanilla yogurt makes this smoothie extra creamy and keeps it healthier than the classic ice pop, so you can stir up this recipe when you're craving a cream pop but wanting a healthier snack (although it also tastes delish with a creamsicle garnish).

Orange Cream Sugar Cookie Bars
Blaine Moats

5. Orange Cream Sugar Cookie Bars

These orange creamsicle dessert bars are almost like a reverse cream pop—rather than a creamy filling in the center, the luscious white chocolate frosting is spread on top. But these cookie bars still have plenty of orange flavor thanks to a generous sprinkle of orange zest in the sugar cookie batter. You can also pump up the punch of citrus by adding more orange zest on top of the frosting; a small curl of orange peel would also make them look even prettier!

Orange Chiffon Cake
Andy Lyons

6. Orange Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cakes are light and airy, just like a refreshing orange creamsicle dessert. This pretty cake recipe uses orange peel and juice in the batter for a double dose of citrus flavor. Then comes the cream: In this case, it's a pillowy, whipped orange fluff frosting with shredded orange peel that makes the frosted cake look like it's studded with tiny orange sprinkles. If that's not enough orange for you, top the completed cake with a few extra slices.

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