White Chocolate

For a chocolate treat with a twist, make an indulgent white chocolate dessert. We've got the classics you love -- white chocolate dipped strawberries, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and white chocolate cheesecake -- plus some unexpected white chocolate sweets.

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Chocolate-Banana Snack Cake
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Ground flax blended with water makes a paste that acts as a substitute for eggs, giving structure to this moist and delicious chocolate cake—hello, vegan treat!
Chocolate Pastry Cream
This decadent chocolate pastry cream is a must-have filling for homemade cream puffs, but is so good, you'll want to enjoy it by the spoonful.
Heart-Shape Chocolate Cream Puffs
To make plain cream puffs, reduce flour to 1 cup and omit the cocoa and sugar. Don't stress over the heart shape, it only requires a cookie scoop or spoon to create.
Berger of Baltimore Cookies
These cookies are the perfect balance of light golden cookie topped with a dense chocolate concoction that is a cross between icing and fudge¿the yin and yang of cookiedom inspired by the original from Charm City.
Candy Cane Swirl Fudge
It only takes 15 minutes to prep this festive holiday fudge recipe. Use gel food coloring instead of liquid food coloring for the most vibrant color.

More White Chocolate

No-Added-Sugar Rich Chocolate Cake
Natural sugars from prunes and unsweetened applesauce provide sweetness to this cake. Instead of frosting, top off your cake with unsweetened whipped cream and extra dark chocolate curls. To mimic sweetness, add vanilla extract or ground cinnamon to the whipped cream.
Fudgy Stout Brownies
Dark beer adds an irresistible depth of flavor to this fudgy brownie recipe.
No-Bake Irish Cream Pudding Bars

Give the oven a break! These no-bake bars require only a stove top to melt chocolate and chilling time for pudding to set up.