Mmmm -- Mocha Desserts

Malted Mocha Bars
Mocha is a cross between two fabulous dessert flavors: chocolate and coffee. See how many ways the sweet duet can shine in these mocha dessert recipes, including chocolate brownies and bars, cappuccino cookies, and espresso-flavor candies.

Coffee and Cookie Brownies

With only 20 minutes of prep time, these coffee-flavor brownies are a snap to make. The secret? A refrigerated sugar cookie dough crust and a filling made from milk chocolate brownie mix.

Mocha Truffles

For these sophisticated truffles, slip a spoonful of coffee liqueur into melted dark chocolate before chilling. The bite-size mocha dessert gets a pretty coating of white chocolate. If you like, add a sprinkling of coffee crystals for a finishing touch.

Mocha-Cream Shake

Spike a ho-hum vanilla shake with chocolate syrup and strong brewed coffee for a chilly chocolate dessert. The frosty treat takes just 10 minutes to prepare and gets an extra dose of sweetness from grated chocolate.

Almond-Mocha Cake

Espresso and cocoa powders form the bottom layer of this toothsome chocolate dessert, while amaretto and almond extract flavor the flaky white cake. Homemade cappuccino whipped cream provides a final hint of mocha.

Mocha-Orange Bark

Kick up classic chocolate bark with chopped coffee beans and tart candied orange peel. The mocha dessert recipe makes a pretty holiday food gift or simple party centerpiece.

Triple-Chocolate Tiramisu

Three times the chocolate makes this traditional Italian dessert better than ever. Chopped chocolate-covered coffee beans and espresso powder complete the mocha masterpiece.

Mocha Fudge

Fudge fans will love this subtle coffee twist on the favorite chocolate dessert. Top each treat with an espresso bean using piped chocolate frosting.

Cappuccino Cheesecake

Three layers is better than one when it comes to this chocolate dessert recipe. A dreamy ganache-and-cheesecake filling laced with coffee liqueur, dark rum, and coffee powder tops a crisp chocolate cookie crust. On top of it all sits sweet sour cream icing.

Cappuccino Love Bites

For a super-easy garnish to this chocolate dessert, press a striped chocolate candy into each coffee-flavor cookie while it's still warm. After the chocolate softens, you can swirl it with a knife.

Mocha Twists

These chocolate treats look fancy, but they're simple to make. Just twist two ropes of chilled dough together, then bake to create this cool effect. Dip in a cocoa glaze for double the mocha flavor.

Walnut-Mocha Torte

A sweet mocha frosting made from cocoa and instant coffee crystals is the perfect topper for this walnut-crusted torte. Chocolate curls provide a decadent finish to the easy-to-make cake recipe.

Mocha Munchies

Chocolate-covered espresso beans give these cookies their delicious mocha flavor. Pecans and a swirl of coffee liqueur make the chocolate cookies even more irresistible.

Espresso Brownies

Coffee enhances the flavor of the chocolate in these dense brownies. Serve the chocolate dessert warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cappuccino Crinkles

Satisfy a craving for rich cocoa and coffee with these 82-calorie cookies. Rolling the mocha treats twice in granulated sugar makes them extra sparkly.

Mocha Custards

These smooth and delicious chocolate custards make a great party dessert. Plus, they can be chilled for up to 24 hours.

Mocha Truffle Tartlets

Melted dark chocolate and creamy coffee-flavor mousse make these mocha tartlets a hit. Save time by making the chocolate desserts with store-bought phyllo pastry.

Mocha Brownies

These fudgy mocha triangles are so rich that they require no frosting. A dusting of powdered sugar makes a pretty topper for the chocolate dessert.

Mocha-Meringue Kisses

For lots of chocolaty goodness without all the fat and calories, try these light-as-air mocha meringues. Each one has only 32 calories and is fat-free.

Malted Mocha Bars

The malted milk powder used for both the chocolate bars and the frosting gives this dessert delicious flavor. Freeze any uniced leftovers for up to 3 months.

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