11 Hot Chocolate Recipes That Think Outside the Mug

Hot Cocoa Brownie Cake

Steamy chocolate topped with sweet, puffy marshmallows: a mug of hot chocolate is a wonderful thing. Sure, it's a delightful way to warm up on a frigid day, but those magical flavors can go way beyond the cup. Our Test Kitchen morphed the amazing hot chocolate recipe into all kinds of sweet treats. Read on to find hot chocolate cookies, cupcakes, candies, and other delicious desserts inspired by your favorite wintry beverage.

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Hot Cocoa Cupcakes

Hot Cocoa Cupcakes
Jason Donnelly

Made-from-scratch hot chocolate cupcakes are a great start, but it doesn't stop there. On our quest for an amazing cocoa-infused dessert, we topped these baby cakes with a marshmallow-like frosting. And for good measure, we added some coffee powder and coffee liqueur to intensify the chocolate flavor. This is one sweet and sophisticated hot chocolate dessert.

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Chocolate-Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate-Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwiches
Blaine Moats

Who says hot chocolate is a winter-only thing? Here, we've patterned a great ice cream sandwich after the flavors we love in a good mug of cocoa for a sweet, cool, and creamy gourmet hot chocolate dessert you can enjoy any time of year.

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Hot Cocoa Brownie Cake

Hot Cocoa Brownie Cake Dessert
Blaine Moats

Gourmet hot chocolate brownies are now in your future. With marshmallow frosting piled high on a decadent brownie base, how can you go wrong? If you love hot chocolate and fluffy marshmallows, this is the ultimate way to indulge.

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Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups
Matthew Clark

How cute are these hot chocolate cookies?! Simple sugar cookie shells are filled with chocolate ganache for the sweetest little cups of hot chocolate ever. Those cute handles are simply pretzel pieces "glued" on with melted white chocolate. Double the chocolaty fun by serving alongside a cup of homemade hot chocolate.

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Hot Chocolate Stout Float

Hot Chocolate Stout Float Dessert with sauce pan
Andy Lyons

No mug needed here. A soda-shop glass showcases this stout-spiked version of a hot chocolate sundae. While beer and ice cream sound like a strange combo, stout-lovers will love this unique hot chocolate recipe that marries the creamy, cocoa-like appeal of a good stout with chocolate and ice cream.

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Hot Chocolate-Marshmallow Snowmen

Marshmallow Snowmen
Hannah Bigot

Here's one of our favorite gift-worthy edible hot chocolate ideas. Present these little cuties alongside a jar of hot chocolate drink mix. Recipients will love munching on the marshmallow treats while sipping mugs of cocoa. And it's a great recipe the kids can help make.

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Hot Cocoa Soufflé with Coffee Ice Cream

Hot Cocoa Souffle Coffee Ice Cream in bowl
Kritsada Panichgul

In case you didn't know, chocolate tastes most intense when it's warm. This explains the enduring appeal of hot chocolate, hot fudge, hot chocolate lava cakes, and other warm chocolate desserts, including this hot chocolate dessert. Serve it warm from the oven with scoops of ice cream for an unforgettable finale at your next gathering.

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Gooey Hot Cocoa Cup Cakes

Gooey Hot Cocoa Cupcakes
Matthew Clark

These hot chocolate cupcakes aren't just cute, but also super delicious. A melty chocolate center turns these cupcakes into a mini molten lava cake. It's highly recommended to serve these treats while still warm from the oven.

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Chocolate-Marshmallow Peanut Clusters

chocolate marshmallow peanut butter clusters
Karla Conrad

Here's another chocolate-marshmallow treat that reminds us of everything we love about hot chocolate. Plus, there's a bonus of peanuts in the mix for added crunch. And you can keep the oven turned off: These are no-bake treats at their sweet and simple best.

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Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate
Matthew Clark

Here's a 4-ingredient hot chocolate dessert you'll make on repeat. Instead of sipping hot chocolate that's actually hot, you'll turn it into a frosty treat. Simply freeze the hot chocolate mixture into ice molds. Keep those hot cocoa cubes stocked in your freezer and simply blend with milk when your chocolate cravings strike.

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Hot Cocoa Tassies with Peppermint Frosting

Cocoa Tassies with Peppermint Frosting tiny candy cane
Blaine Moats

If you've ever slipped a peppermint stick in a mug of hot chocolate, then topped the drink with marshmallows, you can imagine what these little gems taste like. The easy-to-make cocoa crusts are filled with a simple peppermint-marshmallow creme for lovely little cups of cheer.

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