Definitive Proof That Mint Chips Make Everything Better

There's no question that mint and chocolate were made for each other. Add a kiss of mint to your baking with these recipes using mint chips!

Mint Dipped Double Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies are packed full of chocolate mint chips and dipped in melted green mint chips. This is a "wow" cookie!

Mint Dipped Double Chocolate Cookies

This recipe makes the most perfectly soft chocolate chip cookies with the addition of mint chips. They're not only good, but also easy to make!

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

These chocolate cupcakes are filled to mint chip perfection and topped with a creamy mint frosting. The ultimate in mint desserts!

Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies

Chocolate cookies are chunky and full of mint and semi-sweet chips and baked to chewy perfection. This recipe makes a large batch for sharing!

Mint Tortilla Cups

Cinnamon and sugar tortillas are baked till crispy and filled with a creamy mint pudding. A perfect treat for a party!

Mint Dark Chocolate Fudge

Rich, decadent, and creamy dark chocolate fudge with just the right amount of chunky mint chip texture throughout. An easy fudge recipe for all year round!

Chocolate Mint Skillet Brownie

An ooey-gooey skillet brownie is loaded with mint chips and bursting with chocolate-mint flavor. Top with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for a decadent mint treat!

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Mint Crinkles

Chopped mint candies are melted and folded into a classic chocolate chip cookie batter. Even more mint candy chunks are added to the top of the freshly baked cookies for an ultimate, gooey mint treat!

Chocolate Mint Trifle

This heavenly trifle is layered with chocolate cake, whipping cream, and mint chips. Repeat the layers for a beautiful and tasty mint dessert!

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