Chocolate Desserts

Nothing says dessert like chocolate! There are entire stores devoted to just this one indulgent ingredient. It adorns cakes, cookies, and pies, as well as more unusual items, such as bacon. However you like it, chocolate is wonderful to cook or bake with, and it's surprisingly versatile. From simple to stunning, these recipes will satisfy any chocolate craving. Bake your way through dozens of our most delicious chocolate cookie recipes. Chocolate chip, chocolate crinkle, chocolate-dipped, triple-chocolate—more varieties of chocolate cookies than you can shake a rolling pin at. If cake is more your style, sink your teeth into our delicious chocolate cake recipes. While you're in the kitchen, learn how to make your own chocolate frosting, as well as decorate stunningly beautiful cakes with chocolate curls, garnishes, marzipan, and leaves. Our handy chocolate guides for all things chocolate teach you about the different kinds of chocolate, how to select the best chocolate, and how to store chocolate for maximum shelf life.

Most Recent

Chocolate-Banana Snack Cake
Ground flax blended with water makes a paste that acts as a substitute for eggs, giving structure to this moist and delicious chocolate cake—hello, vegan treat!
Chocolate Pastry Cream
This decadent chocolate pastry cream is a must-have filling for homemade cream puffs, but is so good, you'll want to enjoy it by the spoonful.
Heart-Shape Chocolate Cream Puffs
To make plain cream puffs, reduce flour to 1 cup and omit the cocoa and sugar. Don't stress over the heart shape, it only requires a cookie scoop or spoon to create.
Berger of Baltimore Cookies
These cookies are the perfect balance of light golden cookie topped with a dense chocolate concoction that is a cross between icing and fudge¿the yin and yang of cookiedom inspired by the original from Charm City.
Buckeye Cookies
Easier to make than the candies named for his iconic nut, these chocolate and peanut butter cookies have just as much appeal in cookie form.
Wicked Good Whoopie Pies
This Pennsylvania Amish treat has become one of the best-loved comfort foods in Maine and was first sold commercially in this state. Soft intensely chocolate cookies are sandwiched around a fluffy marshmallow filling making them truly deserve their title of wicked good.

More Chocolate Desserts

Mississippi Mud Cookies
The thick, gooey mud found along the shores of Old Man River is the inspiration behind many chocolate desserts (pies, cakes, cookies) sharing the Mississippi Mud moniker. Our cookie take has intense chocolate flavor, fluffy marshmallow topping, and toasted Southern pecans.
Chocolate Chai Cookies
Grab your favorite mug and enjoy a cup of tea or cocoa with these spiced chocolate cutout cookies.
Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

Black beans and applesauce make an unlikely pair, yet delicious contribution to this fudgy low-sugar brownie recipe.