Why not trick and treat the kids with these fun and easy little gum ball "poison" apples? Whether you display them at a spooky bash or hand them out as class treats, you will be anything but the villain!

By Toni Miller of Make Bake Celebrate

What You'll Need:

  • green gum balls
  • black licorice
  • toothpicks
  • black royal icing of flooding consistency
  • black royal icing of thick piping consistency
  • piping bag and small leaf tip
  • icing bottle

Cut black licorice in half lengthwise, then slice into small 1/4-inch pieces.

Working on one gum ball at a time, use a piping bottle to pour a small amount of black flooding icing onto the top of each gum ball. Use a toothpick to help pull the black icing into "drips" around the gum ball. Then place a black licorice stem in the center. Place in an egg carton or cake pop pan/tray to help hold the gum balls upright while they dry.

Once the black flooding icing has begun to dry (it will lose its shine as it crusts over), use the black piping icing in a piping bag with small leaf tip to pipe on little black leaves beside the stems. Let dry completely for 2 to 3 hours.

Toni Miller is the baker and author behind the festive dessert blog Make Bake Celebrate. She loves creating treats that look just as sweet as they taste while helping others learn to create their own. When she's not working with buttercream and sprinkles, Toni has the privilege of serving as an Army wife and raising three sweet little girls.


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