Molding Candy

Plastic sheet molds

Flexible, plastic sheet molds can turn candy into all sorts of fun and fancy shapes. These molds can be filled with melted chocolate, various colors of confectioner's coatings, or even fudge.

The molds must be clean and dry before filling. Greasing is not necessary when you're filling the molds with melted chocolate or confectioner's coating, and could ruin the appearance of the finished candy. However, if molding fudge, lightly oiling the molds will make it easier to release the fudge from the molds.

When molding melted chocolate or confectioner's coating, spoon the melted mixture into all the cavities in the mold. If necessary, use a spatula to spread it evenly in the cavities. Tap mold gently several times on a countertop to remove air bubbles. You may need to use a wooden pick to remove any air bubbles on the surface of the candy.

Chill the mold till the candy has hardened. To unmold, invert; gently flex or tap the mold and the candies will fall out.

Molds for hard candies

These plastic sheet molds are similar to the molds mentioned above, but are made of a heavier plastic designed to withstand the heat of hard candies.

To use the molds, lightly oil them; then pour the hot candy mixture into them. Tap the molds to remove air bubbles. Let the candy stand about 10 minutes or till firm. Invert the molds and twist till the candies come out.


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