10+ Jelly Bean Recipes

Jelly beans are great eaten out of hand, but they're undeniably cuter on top of baked goods and are a fun addition to other treats. Check out our best recipes and decorating tutorials for these beloved candies, including jelly bean-embellished cupcakes, gorgeous layer cakes, and a couple jelly bean cocktails, too!

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    Mini Layer Cakes

    Call them mini cakes or call them cupcakes, but whatever you do be sure to top them with your favorite color (and flavor) combination of jelly beans. The cake flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, and chili powder make these an excellent Cinco de Mayo dessert, but the floral design makes them a fit for Easter or spring and summer gatherings, too!

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    Jelly Beans in the Grass Cupcakes

    Jelly beans and small candies can form endless fun Easter designs—just use your imagination! Pipe green frosting onto the tops of cupcakes to form spiky grass, then add colorful jelly beans for Easter eggs.

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    Bird's Nest Cupcakes

    Pastel jelly beans or candy-coated egg-shape chocolate candies make ideal toppers for these adorable spring-theme cupcakes. And the twiggy nest material? Chow mein noodles!

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    Easter Cookie Pizza

    Sugar cookie meets peanut butter, chocolate, and your favorite Easter candy—jelly beans—to create this cookie pizza. This easy dessert recipe preps in about 10 minutes and needs just a short bake time. In all, it'll take about 30 minutes from start to finish, but don't expect it to last that long on the dessert table!

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    Candy Blooms

    Decorate any cake in a flash using jelly beans and other colorful small candies arranged as flowers. Simply frost the cake as desired (or buy a plain frosted cake from the bakery) and place jelly beans in flower shapes across the top and sides of the cake.

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    Panda Cupcakes

    These zoo-inspired cupcakes are black and white and cute all over. But the best part? They're an absolute cinch to make. Cover a cupcake with white frosting, then arrange a black jelly bean for a nose and black candy-coated sunflower kernels for eyes. Pipe black icing below the nose, creating a mouth. Twist miniature chocolate sandwich cookies to separate, discarding filling; press cookie halves into frosting for ears.

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    Kitty Cupcake Cones

    These bright-eyed kitty cupcake cones aren't just cute—they're also purr-fectly customizable party treats! Set out trays of candy corn, licorice pieces, and jelly beans (in a variety of colors!), and have little guests decorate their own cones.

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    Pink Jelly Bean

    With a cocktail mixed to taste like a jelly bean and a swizzle stick skewered with candies, this dessert sipper is a jelly bean fanatic's dream.

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    Easy Easter Bunny Bites

    Featuring spiky frosting fur, gumdrop ears, and a perfectly pink jelly bean nose, this fun cupcake design is adorable at an Easter party. Or a kiddo's birthday party. Or your own. (No judgments here!)

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    Butterfly Garden Cupcakes

    Roses by any other name might smell as sweet, but jelly bean daisies are far sweeter. These colorful candy flowers are rooted in chocolate chip cookie cupcakes and served alongside pretzel-wing butterflies. 

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    Marshmallow Bunnies

    Kids will love helping create these cottontail cuties. Form bunny bodies by spreading large marshmallows with white frosting, then rolling marshmallows in flaked coconut. Attach a pink jelly bean nose with a dab of frosting, then arrange circle sprinkles for eyes and elongated sprinkles for whiskers. Attach two miniature marshmallows at the bottom of the marshmallow for feet. For ears, snip thin strips from the edge of a large marshmallow, then secure to the bunny with frosting.

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    Colorful DIY Jelly Bean Cupcakes

    Jelly beans can be part of the party! Just set out clear containers of single-color jelly beans, plus unfrosted cupcakes. Let guests frost and then top their dessert with their favorite jelly bean flavors. Coordinating balloons and tablecloth colors are a bonus.

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    Jelly Bean Martini

    Customize your cocktail like never before with your favorite flavor of jelly bean. Try one of our taste-tested jelly bean and juice combinations, or experiment with your own for a cocktail party everyone will be talking about.

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    Ladybug Cupcakes

    These darling cupcakes will please spring enthusiasts and bug-loving kiddos alike! Start by spreading cupcakes with green frosting, then place a red vanilla wafer cookie on top of each cupcake. Pipe a line of white frosting in the center of each cookie, and add dots of yellow frosting on either side of the line. Press a dark blue or black jelly bean into the frosting as a ladybug head, then add yellow miniature candy-coated chocolate pieces for antennae.

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