Creamy, semisoft fudge is an easy candy recipe to make at home. We'll show you how to create no-fail homemade fudge for any occasion using our simple, step-by-step instructions. We provide invaluable tips and tricks, such as how to shape foil around the pan for easy removal, the importance of stirring with a wooden spoon, and just how long to beat your fudge. We even take the guesswork out of using a candy thermometer. You'll find some of our favorite recipes, such as Latte Fudge, which pairs chocolate and espresso, and Caramel-Pecan Fudge, which is a rich, buttery concoction. You can also branch out to one of our personal favorites, Candied Cherry Opera Fudge. When you are in the mood for a taste of yesterday, try our Old-Time Fudge. Select your favorites to make for friends and family as an everyday treat or on special occasions. It also makes a great gift to wrap and give during the holidays.
Old-Time Fudge
Our Yummy Old-Time Fudge Recipe Is Perfect for Any Occasion
How to Make Fudge
How to Make Fudge That Is as Decadent as the Store-Bought Kind
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