Homemade Chocolate Candy Recipes

Chocolate truffles, toffee, barks, and fudge -- oh, my! These chocolate candy recipes steal the spotlight with their rich flavors, tasty pairings (bacon and chocolate, anyone?), and make-in-bulk ease. We love giving the chocolate candies as gifts, sharing them with friends, and indulging in their sweet flavors for after-dinner treats.

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    Easy Caramel-Cracker Candy

    Gooey caramel, chocolate crackers, and nutty hazelnuts? This easy chocolate candy recipe is a scrumptious slam dunk. If hazelnuts aren't your topping of choice, swap in any kind of chopped toasted nut.

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    Chocolate-Marshmallow-Peanut Clusters

    Candy greatness doesn't require an oven! Our chocolate-peanut-marshmallow clusters prove that a no-bake treat is the perfect choice when you're short on time (and they're yummy, too).

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    5-Minute Cherry-Walnut Fudge

    Traditional homemade fudge requires a close eye on the candy thermometer and a strong arm for heavy stirring. Our quick cherry-walnut version practically makes itself!

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    The Two Must-Have Supplies for Fudge-Making

    Check your kitchen for these two supplies before tackling fudge. Trust us -- they result in the best fudge ever!

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    Peanut Butter Cups

    Everyone loves a good peanut butter cup, and our homemade version is no exception. A chunky peanut butter filling and chopped peanuts sprinkled on top amp up the nutty flavor.

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    Dark Chocolate Candy Bark

    The fun in this simple chocolate candy is choosing the mix-ins. An assortment of chopped candy bars pumps up the flavor of the dark chocolate foundation.

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    Marshmallow Truffles

    Curb that candy craving! Chocolate truffles just wouldn't be the same without a rich, dark combination of marshmallow and cocoa beans. Easily mix up the recipe with a light splash of flavored liqueur.

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    Macadamia Clusters

    A bright hit of ctirus (thanks to dried apricots) gives rich chocolate candy an unexpected makeover. Add a little crunch to the mix with mild macadamia nuts.

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    Cherry-Cashew Bark

    Take our word for it: Homemade chocolate candy doesn't get any easier than this. Melt-and-pour white chocolate candy coating transforms into a delicious candy bark when topped with cherries and cashews.

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    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

    Wrap egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough in melted chocolate, then drizzle with more chocolate. It's even better than licking the spoon.

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    Toffee-Butter Crunch

    Our buttery homemade toffee comes together with just six ingredients. We especially love the semisweet chocolate spread and toasted nuts on top.

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    Triple-Chocolate Cake Balls

    Count them with us: cocoa powder, chocolate graham crackers, and semisweet chocolate pieces. Three types of chocolate add up to a winning candy recipe.

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    Bourbon-Brownie Petits Fours

    Just one of these tiny brownie bites will satisfy even the most voracious chocolate craving. The drizzled chocolate glaze and pretty frosting rosette give the dessert a rich and decadent finish.

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    Master Homemade Chocolate Ganache

    That drippy, indulgent glaze atop your favorite petits fours and brownies? Chocolate ganache. We reveal the stirring secret in this quick video.

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    Chocolate-Raspberry Truffles

    Our light and airy chocolate candies have a sophisticated look and taste. The raspberry liqueur in the truffle puts this squarely in the adults-only category.

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    Mocha-Orange Bark

    Swirl chopped chocolate-covered coffee beans into dark chocolate, then sprinkle with candied orange peel to add zesty sweetness to rich candy bark. We love giving the delicious chocolate as a gift for holidays or housewarmings.

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    Easy Chocolate Fudge

    Commit 45 minutes to this delicious recipe, and you'll get 96 servings of beg-for-more candies. We offer three variations: mocha fudge, rocky road fudge, and chocolate-peanut butter fudge.

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    Chocolate-Rum Petits Fours

    Itty-bitty petits fours provide just the right amount of chocolate candy. Make homemade chocolate ganache (we provide the recipe) for over-the-top richness.

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    Brownie Surprise Pops

    What's the surprise in the candy pops, you ask? There's a chocolate-hazelnut brownie underneath each drizzle of homemade chocolate frosting.

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    Bacon-Chocolate Bark

    Smooth and creamy chocolate plus crunchy, salty bacon equals a chocolate-lover's dream dessert. Make the bacon-candy combo for any occasion and watch it disappear.

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    Mocha Fudge

    Coffee enhances the chocolate flavor in this creamy fudge recipe. Chocolate-covered espresso beans are the perfect topper.

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    Candy Cane Bark

    Peppermint and milk chocolate are a perfect Christmas combination, but this candy tastes great year-round. Mix up a batch anytime you get a craving for fresh peppermint blended with creamy chocolate.

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    Cookie Truffles

    These smooth and creamy truffles taste great -- and they make delicious gifts! We love how the chocolate sandwich cookies transform into wow-worthy candies.

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    Mint-Chocolate Slab

    For an indulgent (and fuss-free) dessert, melt chocolate, pour it over mint patties, and scatter candies on top. The slab of chocolaty goodness is an easy option for making homemade candy.

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    Bumpy-Road Fudge

    This delectable fudge is loaded with mini marshmallows and toasted pecans -- just like your favorite ice cream. The candy recipe can also be made ahead and stored in the fridge for up to one week.

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