With Halloween just around the corner, I get so caught up in picking out my kid's Halloween costumes, decorating my house, and lighting fall-scented candles that I seem to always forget treats for my kids to pass out to their friends. So I am always on the lookout for easy gifting ideas and these cute "Bag of Bones" are the perfect solution! All you need is some white chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, and a black food writer!

By Shelly Jaronsky of Cookies and Cups
June 09, 2015

What you'll need: 1 bag large marshmallows 1 black food writer 1 bag white chocolate covered pretzels Snack-size clear plastic bags White paper for labels Double-stick tape


Flatten your large marshmallows. Using a black food writer, draw a skeleton face onto the marshmallows. Set aside to dry.


Place a handful of the white chocolate pretzels in a bag. Place a marshmallow skeleton head into the bag and seal.


Using blank white paper, write or print "Bag of Bones". Cut the label to the width of your bag and fold over. Attach using double-stick tape.


Shelly Jaronsky is a Texas transplant living in New Jersey. She is the mom to four boys and a happy wife. Beyond being a professional bed maker, laundry folder, and spatula licker, she runs the popular baking blog Cookies and Cups and is currently working on her first cookbook, to be published in 2016.

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