Upside-Down Cake

Delicious cakes baked on top of fresh fruits are dazzling and easy to make. Simply flip over for serving, and you have a tasty upside-down cake. We've gathered our favorite upside-down cake recipes, including pineapple, pear, and much more.

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Caramelized Pear Skillet Cake

"This upside-down cake is deceptively easy even though its impressive appearance might indicate otherwise, Jocelyn says. Add vanilla ice cream to take it over the top.

Upside-Down Almond-Plum Cake

Gooey, delicious, and gorgeous, you'll have a hard time not going back for a second slice of this upside-down cake recipe. Though we made this summer cake with plums, you could also swap in another stone fruit like peaches or apricots.

Orange Cornmeal Cake

This rustic skillet dessert is our take on the popular upside-down cake. A sprinkle of fresh thyme gives the cake savory flavor.

Clementine-Fig Spice Cake

Candied clementines, sweet dried figs, and spice mean these cakes are fall in a forkful.

Upside-Down Grapefruit Cakes

Looking for a new take on your go-to pineapple upside-down cake recipe? Top a tropical coconut oil cake with caramelized grapefruit slices. This grapefruit dessert take you on a mini island getaway.

Citrus Upside-Down Cake

Translate the concept of the classic pineapple upside down cake recipe into this stunning yet easy citrus cake recipe from scratch. Spoon extra buttery brown sugar goodness over the baked cake for a sweet finish.

More Upside-Down Cake

Pecan Upside-Down Baby Cakes

These caramel-infused pecan cakes make an excellent Christmas brunch addition.

Sticky Pecan Upside-Down Baby Cakes

This delicious baby cake recipe combines honey, orange peel, pecans, and sour cream for a tasty dessert.

Upside-Down Berry Cornmeal Cake

Cornmeal adds a tiny bit of crunch and a little texture to this flavor-packed dessert. Pile it with fresh berries for a treat that's a beauty to behold.