This is a quick and easy way to decorate a cake for any occasion. We chose a spring palette, but you can change the colors of the sprinkles and the shapes to match any party theme.

By Ashlee Prisbrey of I'm Topsy Turvy

What You'll Need:

  • Fondant
  • Your favorite cake recipe
  • Buttercream or other crusting frosting
  • Rolling pin
  • Small cookie cutters
  • 18-gauge covered wire, cut into 6- to 8-inch pieces
  • Parchment paper
  • Sprinkles
  • Wire cutters


Start by making your fondant toppers. You'll want them to be dry and ready by the time you bake your cake, so this can be done anywhere from a few hours to a few days in advance. You can use various colors of fondant, each rolled out into a sheet, or just one color to save time.

To make the toppers, roll out your fondant to a 1/2- to 3/4-inch-thick sheet. Use your cookie cutters to cut out your desired shapes from the fondant.

Once your fondant shapes are cut out, stick a piece of covered wire into the center of each piece, being careful not to push the wire all the way through. Place the fondant shapes on parchment paper and let them dry.

Bake your favorite cake recipe as a round cake, and prepare the frosting according to the recipe directions. Frost the top and sides of the cake. Because you're going to cover it with sprinkles, the frosting doesn't have to be completely smooth, but take care to not overfrost the cake.

Cake Recipe Tip: The frosting should be fresh when you add the sprinkles. To keep it from drying out, spritz it with a bit of water.


Now it's time to add the sprinkles. Pour a pile of green sprinkles onto the top of the cake and spread them out to the edge. Using a tilting turntable (if you don't have one, simply hold your cake stand at a slight angle), pat the sprinkles onto the sides of the cake, as shown.


After the top and the top half of the sides are covered with sprinkles, you can add the fade effect. With a handful of sprinkles, circle the sides of the cake, letting the sprinkles fall slowly. If you prefer a saturated look, cover the entire cake with sprinkles.

Fill in the edges and any blank areas on top of the cake. Add more sprinkles wherever needed, spreading and pressing them across the top to get full coverage.

Finally, add your fondant flowers to the top of the cake. Using wire cutters, cut the wire down to the height you want for each flower. The height of each flower doesn't have to be exact -- in fact, it's fun to play around with different heights and placement for each flower.

Ashlee has spent her life in a creative environment. She began in the performing arts as a child, adding makeup and costumes in college. As a mom, she's added chef, event planning, DIY, and more. She has been a professional cake decorator for more than 8 years and loves designing, creating, and teaching cake decorating. Her favorite clients are her own children -- they spend months planning the perfect birthday cake. She teaches cake decorating and more on her blog, I'm Topsy Turvy, and in online video courses.

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