Red Velvet Cake

For a stunning dessert that's sure to impress, use one of these red velvet cake recipes. With its intense red color and unmistakable cocoa flavor, a red velvet cake is perfect for special occasions, especially when covered with a thick layer of buttercream frosting.

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Red Velvet Mini Trifles

These individual red velvet trifles are as delicious as they look. Put a few of these together and give as a super sweet gift to a loved one.

Chocolate Spidey Cupcakes

Black licorice legs and marshmallow eyes bring these creepy, crawly Halloween cupcakes to life. (Almost!)

Monster Mash Cupcakes

Pretzel sticks help the eyes really stand out on these cute Halloween cupcakes.

Nine-Eyed Creature Cupcakes

This googly-eyed dessert looks like a silly cartoon monster! Serve these Halloween cupcakes at your costume party this year for a treat that's as festive as your apparel.

Potted Cactus Cakes

Bake cake batter in ice cream cones then decorate with icing to "plant" a garden of edible cacti. This kid-friendly dessert is perfect for parties!

Mini Chocolate-Orange Lava Cakes

Chocolate lava cakes are the perfect dessert for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, wedding anniversaries, or the one night a week you can get the whole family around the table. Make this chocolate dessert in either your slow cooker or pressure cooker to make it as convenient as it is delicious.

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Chocolate Waffle Cake

Layers of tender chocolate waffles are sandwiched with a fluffy banana whipped cream to create one showstopping dessert (that we give you full permission to eat as a special occasion breakfast, too).

One-Bowl Chocolate S'more Cake

Give your chocolate cake a campfire twist by frosting with marshmallow creme and graham cracker crumbs for a s'more flavor. Plus it mixes up in just one bowl to make an easy chocolate cake.

Dark Chocolate and Pumpkin Swirl Cake

Impress your family with this beautiful marble cake recipe. Pumpkin and chocolate are swirled together and topped with a powdered sugar and orange icing to make the best chocolate pumpkin cake you've ever had.