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Learn how to frost a cake, make a layer cake, and even get the cake out of the pan. Plus, we've gathered our best videos on delicious decorative cakes you can make for a special occasion.

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    How to Decorate a Cake with Frosting

    What's a cake without frosting? See our ideas for mastering this skill.

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    How to Make a Layer Cake

    Stack up a gorgeous layer cake. We'll show you the secrets to a successful recipe.

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    How to Remove a Cake from the Pan

    It can be tricky: You've baked your cake and are ready to get it out of the pan. Watch as we show you the best method.

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    How to Decorate a Cake with Chopped Nuts

    Add a beautiful finish to the sides of your cake with this easy process for decorating.

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    How to Make an Ice Cream Cake

    Chill out! A creamy ice cream-filled cake can be yours. We'll show you how.

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    How to Make a Celebration Cake

    Are you ready to bake a special cake? This stacked beauty is easier than you think -- see how!

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    How to Make a Pink Ruffle Cake

    This cake works well for birthdays or any special occasion. We'll help you make it.

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    How to Make a Sprinkles Cake

    Sprinkles aren't just for the top of your cake -- enjoy them from every angle with this nifty video.

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    How to Make a Monkey Cake

    We're bananas for this kid-friendly monkey-shape cake.

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    Up Your Dessert Game with These Cake Pop Recipes

    The best part about cake pops, or "cake on a stick," is the ability to customize them any way you want. Whether you want red velvet cake pops, white cake pops, or chocolate cake pops, all it takes is a crumbled cake and frosting to do the trick. Cake pops are the perfect bite-size dessert for weddings, birthdays, and holiday parties.
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