Ice Cream Cake

We scream for ice cream! Whether you're looking for frozen chocolate ice cream cake, baked Alaska, or fruity sherbet cake, it's all here in this tantalizing collection. We have yummy treats that are sure to please at casual summer events, such as picnics, socials, and outdoor barbecues.

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Rainbow Snowball Cake
A dessert spectacular--that's Rainbow Snowball Cake. The fixing is all done ahead.
Carrot-Pecan Ice Cream Cake
Rating: Unrated 1
Combine a serving of carrot cake and ice cream into one gorgeous recipe using Dorie Greenspan's carrot ice cream cake. Stack layers of pecan-studded carrot cake with your ice cream of choice and freeze for a make-ahead ice cream cake that makes hosting a bit easier.
Frosty S'mores Bars
Rating: Unrated 1
This oversized chilly version of the classic s'more is sure to satisfy everyone at your next party. It's a frozen dessert to make on repeat in summer months.
Turmeric, Ginger and Honey Affogato
Rating: Unrated 1
Leave it to author Nik Sharma to create an affogato recipe that infuses ground turmeric and fresh ginger. The flavors are unlike any other you've sipped.
Pick-a-Flavor No-Churn Ice Cream
Rating: Unrated 1
Choose a flavor, any flavor. This simple base recipe for no-churn ice cream is endlessly adaptable.

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Make-It-Mine Greek Frozen Yogurt
Craving frozen yogurt, but not sure where to start? This recipe is all you need! We have multiple variations on a classic Greek frozen yogurt recipe so you can pick your flavor, or even make frozen yogurt sandwiches.
Berry Greek Frozen Yogurt
Make a cool, refreshing dessert that's healthier than ice cream by freezing your own Greek yogurt. Fresh berries and a drizzle of vanilla are the only flavorings this creamy treat needs.
Red Wine Ice Cream
Rating: 4 stars 29

Part berry sorbet and part red wine ice cream, this frozen dessert is a brilliant way to use up leftover wine.