Frosting & Filling

A cake isn't complete without a frosted finish. Whether you use frosting as the topper or a filling, or you spread frosting over every square inch of a layer cake, we can help. Our homemade frosting recipes, plus icing and frosting tutorials (we'll help you master piping!), ensure that your next cake is Pinterest-worthy.

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How to Make Fudge Frosting

Fudge frosting is exactly what it sounds like—actual fudge spread on as frosting. Making this decadent dessert topper requires a lot of precision, so follow our how-to instructions to ensure a flawless batch. The result will have you scraping your plate for more!
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Perfect Fudge Frosting

This fudge frosting recipe takes more time than the store-bought kind, but the end result is oh-so worth it. Use this luscious frosting to dress up any cake recipe for a special occasion.
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How to Frost an Ombré Cake

We created this ombré-frosted cake without using fondant. We'll show you how to frost a cake ombré style using rich buttercream frosting, so you don't have to sacrifice flavor for looks. In just a few easy steps, you'll be presenting a gorgeous cake that's (almost) too pretty to eat.
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Strawberry Lemon Olive Oil Naked Cake

Similar to strawberry lemonade, the sweet strawberries complement the tart and bright lemony flavors of this olive oil cake. It's so clean and refreshing, making it the perfect summer cake for all your gatherings, parties, and weekends.
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Pineapple Coconut Cupcakes

Topped with thick, luscious coconut-vanilla frosting and filled with pineapple in the center, one bite of these cupcakes will send you on a tropical vacation.
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Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies

With tasty chocolate and peppermint flavors, these festive Christmas cookies are sure to be winners this holiday season.
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More Frosting & Filling

Powdered Sugar Icing

This is it! The classic powdered sugar icing you seek for your prettiest Christmas cookie recipes and to drizzle over your favorite cakes. When you don't want or need heavy-duty buttercream a powdered sugar frosting adds just a bit more sweetness without going too far.
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Lemon Layer Cake with Buttercream Frosting

Rich buttercream icing perfectly complements the just-tangy-enough lemon cake in this showy double-decker dessert.
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Candied Bacon-Sweet Potato Cupcakes

A bourbon-bacon cream cheese frosting is the literal icing on these sweet potato cupcakes. This cupcake recipe will become an instant party favorite!