Absolutely Delicious Coffee Cake Recipes

Cream Cheese-Berry Coffee Cake
The best coffee cake recipes have it all: delicious crumble toppings; fun add-ins like chocolate, fruit, and nuts; and gooey-sweet fillings. Each of these sweet coffee cakes is ready to serve for breakfast, as an after-dinner treat, or even for a simple midday snack.

French Chocolate Coffee Cake

This oldie-but-goodie has been one of our best-loved recipes since 1971! With a rich chocolate swirl and streusel topping, it's the kind of recipe that never goes out of style.

Lemon-Raspberry Coffee Cake

Look to light, lemony cheesecake and fresh raspberries for your next fruit-filled coffee cake. Prevent the raspberries from sinking into the batter by waiting until the cake is partially baked, then gently pressing the berries into the cake.

Hazelnut Coffee Cake

Celebrate the indulgent combination of hazelnut and chocolate with this luscious coffee cake, perfect for serving alongside a cup of joe.

Mini Berry-Orange Coffee Cakes

Single-serve coffee cake muffins make a delicious breakfast, brunch, or anytime treat (especially during the holidays!). We love the kick of heat that crystallized ginger brings to these berry-orange cakes.

Lemon-Foldovers Coffee Cake

If you couldn't tell from the lemon curd, citrus sugar topping, and lemon-cream cheese drizzle, this great twist on classic coffee cake is a zesty triple threat. Bonus: The citrusy cake is made up of rows of individual turnovers, making it  easy to share.

Raspberry Coffee Cake

Our delicious raspberry coffee cake is the perfect make-and-take treat -- not too crumbly and sturdy enough to eat at any potluck, tailgate, or picnic. Our tip: Drizzle with the vanilla glaze and cut into single servings before leaving the house.

Fruit Coffee Cake

Our time-tested, extra-tender coffee cake uses fresh fruit and a perfectly buttery batter to prove it's one of our best coffee cake recipes yet! Go seasonal: Use peak-season pickings from the grocery store, farmer's market, or your own backyard for the fruity filling.

Overnight Cranberry Coffee Cake

Tart, zesty, and lusciously moist, this overnight coffee cake is perfect any time of the day, whether served for breakfast or as a midafternoon snack with a cup of tea. Just prep the cranberry-filled cake in advance, pop it into the fridge overnight, and bake it the next day!

Pineapple Upside-Down Coffee Cake

Caramelized pineapple slices, light and airy pound cake, and a maraschino cherry topper guarantee coffee cake isn't just for breakfast anymore!

Honey-Glazed Buttermilk Coffee Cake

The secret to this sticky-sweet coffee cake recipe is the gooey honey-nut mixture that bakes at the bottom of the pan.

Coconut-Pecan Coffee Cake

Not only is this sour cream coffee cake recipe the perfect mixture of moist and airy, but it's also full of chocolate pieces, sweet coconut, and crunchy pecans. Yum!

Raspberry-Apple Kuchen with Warm Cream Sauce

Forget the simple apple coffee cake. There's a new treat in town: kuchen. Cinnamon-spiced apples and sweet raspberries are drizzled with our warm homemade eggnog sauce in this new take on a breakfast favorite.

Berry-Walnut Upside-Down Cake

Walnut coffee cake gets a new twist when pumped with dried berries and a splash of zesty orange juice. A pinch of ginger adds fall flavor to this classic recipe.

Pecan-Browned Butter Coffee Cake

The only thing better than butter is browned butter. This coffee cake uses it twice: In its brown sugar and pecan batter and again in its vanilla and yogurt filling. Coffee-flavor icing offers the perfect finish.

Sour Cream-Orange Coffee Cake with Chocolate Streusel

Serve this rich, touched-with-citrus chocolate coffee cake with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. The cocoa-streusel topping slides between two layers of batter to create a crunchy layer.

Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake

A layer of sweet berries turns your favorite go-to coffee cake into a fruit-filled delight. This moist and crumbly blueberry cake shines with a streusel topping and decadent drizzle of powdered sugar icing.

Pumpkin Latte Coffee Cake

Embrace your favorite fall coffeehouse classic in this earthy pumpkin coffee cake recipe. We love it so much, it's one of our Test Kitchen's favorite recipes!

Cream Cheese-Berry Coffee Cake

Try our bakery-style coffee cake made with cream cheese and raspberry jam. The mild, sweet flavor of the cheese provides the perfect stage for ruby-red raspberries.

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