10 Delicious Ways to Hack Your Boxed Chocolate Cake Mix

Turn store-bought cake mixes into amazing desserts that will make you look like a pro! We'll show you how to improve boxed chocolate cake mix so no one will ever know you didn't bake it from scratch. These chocolate cake mix recipes add luscious frosting, gooey fillings, candy toppers, and more. Baking a cake has never been easier.

Every day we see beautiful, decadent, rich chocolate cake recipes pop up on our Pinterest pages. With silky ganache dripping down the sides and buttercream frosting fluffed in the middle, we can't help but drool. That is until we see the ingredients. Any list over 10 and we're overwhelmed, so boxed chocolate cake mix it is! Just because it's boxed doesn't mean it has to be bland, though.

We found the very best boxed cake improvements to dress up store-bought mixes. From silky-smooth flavor enhancers to easy-peasy slow cooker recipes, these upgraded cakes taste like they were made from scratch. So, feel free to browse, drool, and get baking!

1. S'more Cake

Think a semihomemade dessert can't get much easier? Think again. This campfire-inspired treat "bakes" in your slow cooker! Top the ultrasimple cake with marshmallow creme, milk chocolate, and graham cracker pieces to bring your favorite summer sweet indoors. Plus, there's a surprise ingredient that makes it way easy to prepare: It's a chocolate cake mix recipe with sour cream (don't tell!).

Get the recipe: S'more Cake

Are you more on Team Vanilla than Team Chocolate? Click here for our best vanilla cake and cupcake recipes.

2. Chocolate Poke Cake

Life Love and Sugar

You had us at poke cake. For those unfamiliar with this baking strategy, poke cake is made by piercing holes into an already-baked cake and filling those holes with melted chocolate, caramel, or other sweet sauce. Each bite of this doctored chocolate cake mix is incredibly flavorful and moist.

Get Life, Love & Sugar's recipe: Chocolate Poke Cake

3. Chocolate-Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recipes made with cake mix aren't just for cakes and cupcakes. In this recipe, boxed mix gets transformed into soft, cakelike chocolate cookies. A spread of marshmallow creme and a scoop of chocolate ice cream takes them one step further and makes an utterly irresistible ice cream sandwich.

Get the recipe: Chocolate-Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwiches

4. Mississippi Mud Cake

Tastes Better From Scratch

As the name of this dessert suggests, Mississippi Mud Cake can get a bit messy. Chocolate cake topped with gooey, sticky marshmallows and a thin layer of chocolate frosting almost requires a spoon to eat! But we promise the decadent results are worth the cleanup.

Get Tastes Better From Scratch's recipe: Mississippi Mud Cake

5. Creme de Menthe Cake

Want to know how to improve boxed chocolate cake mix? It doesn't get any better than this baked treat that is a flavor doppelgänger for mint chocolate chip ice cream. Swap out some of the water called for in your boxed cake mix recipe with a splash of creme de menthe, then finish with green-tinted vanilla frosting and crushed chocolate-mint candies.

Get the recipe: Creme de Menthe Cake

If you crave this cake, you'll agree with this statement: Mint chips make everything better. Here's proof.

6. Chocolate Pudding Cake

The Life Jolie

It only takes five ingredients and five minutes of prep time to make this perfect last-minute dessert. The key to this rich chocolate cake is the instant pudding mix. It ensures a moist cake every time—even in recipes made with a cake mix.

Get The Life Jolie's recipe: Chocolate Pudding Cake

7. Surprise Cupcakes

Yes, these cupcakes are one of our recipes using a boxed cake mix, but that's not the surprise. Hiding under a layer of luscious chocolate frosting and moist cake is a sweet cream cheese center scented with a hint of orange juice and zest. Each bite will remind you of those chocolate-orange desserts you ate as a kid come holiday season!

Get the recipe: Surprise Cupcakes

8. S'mores Lava Cake

Mama Plus One

Chocolate cake meets the s'more craze in this uber-rich slow cooker recipe. Simply combine ingredients, cook on low, and relax while this too-good-to-be-true boxed cake improvement fills your kitchen with tempting smells.

Get Mama Plus One's recipe: S'mores Lava Cake

Chocolate + marshmallows + graham crackers = dessert perfection. Score 17 more s'mores remixes.

9. Chocolate Cupcakes with a Kick

This boxed chocolate cake mix recipe has a hint of heat, thanks to a dash of ground chipotle chile pepper. Top these rich chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a drizzle of melted chocolate. This is one dessert that gives new meaning to the term "hot chocolate!"

Get the recipe: Chocolate Cupcakes with a Kick

10. Double-Mint Chocolate Poke Cake

Beyond Frosting

Mint chip fans, rejoice! You can now have your favorite refreshing sweet treat in an easy poke cake recipe—and it starts with chocolate cake mix. Topped with hot fudge, pudding, and crushed mint chocolate bars, this cake is the creme de la creme!

Get Beyond Frosting's recipe: Double-Mint Chocolate Poke Cake

More Chocolate Cake Recipes and Toppings

If you want to skip the store-bought mix and try your hand at baking a cocoa-loaded dessert from scratch, try these scrumptious recipes. Plus, we have a few tips for frosting once it comes out of the oven.


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