Up Your Dessert Game with These Cake Pop Recipes

The best part about cake pops, or "cake on a stick," is the ability to customize them any way you want. Whether you want red velvet cake pops, white cake pops, or chocolate cake pops, all it takes is a crumbled cake and frosting to do the trick. Cake pops are the perfect bite-size dessert for weddings, birthdays, and holiday parties.

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    Brownie Surprise Pops

    If you're looking for a brownie on a stick, you've come to the right place. These brownie pops come with a surprise chocolate-hazelnut spread filling in the middle. 

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    Life-Changing Microwave Canned Frosting Hack

    Save time (and stress) by microwaving your canned frosting before dipping your cake pops in it. You can also use melted frosting to pour over a cake or a batch of brownies. 

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    Berry Cheesecake Pops

    Calling all cheesecake-lovers: These pops are to die for. Customize the cheesecake filling with any berry preserve you like. Dip in cornflake crumbs for added crunch.

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    How to Prep a Cake Pan

    The first step to making cake pops is to make a cake. Make your life easier by following these hacks to preparing a perfect cake. Hint: It involves parchment paper.

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    Chocolate Bonbon Pops

    These cake pops have big flavor and crunch. Cream-filled cookies, pecans, and orange liqueur are combined in a food processor and spooned with melted milk chocolate.

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    Mexican Chocolate and Espresso Cake Pops

    Mixing flavors of chocolate cake, ancho chile pepper, and espresso powder sounds unique, but the combo has never tasted so good -- especially in a cake pop! This recipe yields 38 cake pops, so you can be sure that everyone on your list will get one.

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    Angel Food Cake Pops

    These angel food cake pops are perfect for any get-together. Using a boxed cake mix makes this dessert recipe a breeze. Finish the pops with colorful sprinkles for a party-ready treat.

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    Octopus Cake Pops

    Feel free to use whatever cake mix you'd like for these adorable 8-legged-creature cake pops. Use white chocolate candies and edible ink for the eyes.

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    Hyacinth Flower Cake Pops

    These hyacinth flower cake pops are a unique twist on a classic cake pop, and they make a pretty (and festive!) springtime centerpiece.

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    Spring Flower Cake Pops

    These spring flower cake pops are almost too pretty to eat. Make this dessert on a stick for someone special in your life -- switch out fondant colors to your choosing and place the finished flower pops in a pretty vase.

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    Cardinal Cake Pops

    These adorable cardinal cake pops are winter-festive, but feel free to enjoy them all year. To make the bird shape, roll the cake into teardrop shapes instead of circles.

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    Holiday Cake Pops

    Cake pops are perfect for holiday parties because they're easy to grab and go without dealing with plates or big cake knives. 

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    Christmas Cake Pops

    We'll show you how to make cake pops for all Christmas roles: a snowman, a reindeer, a santa belly, and an ornament. Adults and children alike will fall in love with these festive pops.

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    Gingerbread Cake Pops

    Not only are these cake pops flavored like gingerbread cookies, but the Christmas berry design is almost too pretty to eat. These make the perfect holiday dessert!

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    Bonus: Easy Doughnut Hole Cake Pops

    No time to make cake? Transform your favorite doughnut into a snack on a stick. Enjoy five flavor options, including candy bar, peanut and bacon, and toasted almond.

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