Up Your Dessert Game with These Cake Pop Recipes

Holiday Cake Pops
Whether you call them cake balls, cake pops, or cakes on a stick, these sweet and petite desserts bring joy to all kinds of occasions. Learn how to make cake pops, then choose a cake pop recipe you’ll love from options including brownie cake pops, cheesecake pops, angel food cake pops, Christmas cake pops, and more. We’ll also share all our best cake pop decorating secrets for cake pops that really, well, pop!

Brownie Cake Pops

These aren’t just any brownie cake pops! The amazingly decadent cake balls come with a crazy-good surprise inside: a chocolate-hazelnut filling. The sprinkling of nuts makes for a super-simple (and tasty) cake pop decorating idea.

Geode Cake Pops

When geode cakes hit the scene not long ago, it was only a matter of time until our food pros came up with a fun geode cake pop recipe! While these may look complicated, rock candy crystal is the secret to making this cake pop decorating idea easy. Find rock candy crystals in all kinds of luminous colors, either online or in crafts stores.

Berry Cheesecake Pops

Here, we show you how to make cake pops from cheesecake. And be sure to take a look at our clever cake pop decorating idea—simply use cornflake crumbs to mimic the look of a traditional cheesecake crust. Best of all, you can use any berry preserves you like to flavor these clever cake balls.

Chocolate Bonbon Pops

Looking for cake pop ideas that let you skip the part about baking a cake? We got you covered! These cuties start with crushed sandwich cookies. While they aren’t technically cake balls, who cares? The quicker look-alikes satisfy in just the same sweet way.

Mexican Chocolate and Espresso Cake Pops

This cake pop recipe goes global thanks to a few quintessential Mexican flavors, including cinnamon, coffee, and ancho chile. The latter brings a bright spark that offsets the delightfully rich cake ball ingredients. And if you’re looking for a quick cake pop decorating fix, keep the thin satin bows in mind!

Angel Food Cake Pops

Wondering how to make cake pops from angel food cake? The secret is finding the just-right ingredient to bind the light-and-airy cake crumbs together. Cream cheese is the ticket! (It also adds a great tangy taste and irresistible richness to the cake balls.) 

Octopus Cake Pops

Who can resist these goofball cake balls? We sure can’t. That’s why we shared the cute cake pop recipe from a popular blogger. PS: We love her clever cake pop decorating secret for making those googly eyeballs. Check it out!

Hyacinth Flower Cake Pops

Our guest blogger shows you how to make cake pops double as a gorgeous centerpiece. And if you think it all looks too tricky for words, fear not! The cake pops recipe comes with step-by-step photos—you can’t go wrong!

Spring Flower Cake Pops

From “happy birthday” to “congratulations,” whatever the message, say it with flowers! This cake pop recipe calls on fondant, a decorative icing that makes the colorful cake balls cute as can be. Switch out the colors of the fondant to make your one-of-a-kind cake balls suit any occasion throughout the year.

Cardinal Cake Pops

These Christmas cake pops feature wintery cardinals perched on snowy branches. The ensemble will make a lovely holiday centerpiece. Come spring, decorate the birds in pastel colors for another version of this fun cake pop recipe.

Party-Ready Christmas Cake Pops

This master recipe shows you how to make cake pops in 12 different flavors. From raspberry truffle or tiramisu to cookies and cream or chocolate mint, you’ll find a cake pop recipe perfect for your holiday table. PS: As the photo suggests, cake balls are also great for gift-giving.

Christmas Cake Pops

One cake pop recipe, four great variations! Whether you want to make snowmen, reindeer, a hearty Santa’s belly, or a classic tree ornament, we’ll show you how to make cake balls as Christmasy as can be!

Gingerbread Cake Pops

Lots of cake pop decorating ideas can show you how to make cake pops look like Christmas. This recipe shows you how to make cake pops taste like Christmas. The right spices are key. PS: For purists who want to make cake pops from scratch, this is your recipe!

BONUS: Easy Donut Pop Recipe

Here’s another cake pop recipe that lets you weasel out of baking a cake! Simply pick up a box of donut holes and start dipping! Also check out the cake pop decorating ideas that call on everything from chocolate candy bars to a winning peanut-and-bacon combo.

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