Jazz up your next special occasion cake with one of these fun, DIY cake toppers. From mini shimmery balloons to sparkly shapes, these cake toppers are sure to add to the joyous celebration!

By Chelsea McDonnough
March 11, 2016
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If mini DIY Mylar balloon cake toppers don't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what will. I have to admit, my mind was kind of blown when I realized how easy these balloon cake toppers are to make. Keep in mind that you're going to have keep things concise because these toppers take up a bit of space.

Image: A Joyful Riot

High-Flying Cake Decor

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Seriously, how adorable are these high-flying DIY cake toppers? It just goes to show that when several small cake toppers are put together, they can make a big impact. These cake toppers can easily be re-created with wooden skewers, washi tape, felt, baker's twine, a clothespin, mini clothespins, ice-pop sticks, and a little crafty magic.

Image: We Have Aars

Sparkly Pipe Cleaner Cake Toppers

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Add some pizzazz to your cake with these DIY sparkly cake toppers, which are made with pipe cleaners, straws, and wood skewers. You can create any letter, shape, or number you desire with the bend or twist of a pipe cleaner.

Image: Fellow Fellow

Lettered Cake Topper

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Write out fun sayings, names, or anything your heart desires with these festive DIY painted cake toppers. You can also get creative with the paint colors. From ombre to monochromatic, the sky's the limit.

Image: Something Turquoise

Printable Name Cake Topper

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Who doesn't love seeing their name on something, especially their own birthday cake? This personalized DIY cake topper will make it hard for people to forget who is being celebrated. The guest of honor can even take their name home as a memento of the occasion. And you're not limited to names -- write out a special saying or date as well.

Image: Bloom Designs

Yarn-Wrapped Cake Topper

$5 Cake Topper: Yarn-Wrapped Word

For a cheap and creative project, make this fun cake topper! Bend the length of a 22-gauge wire for each letter. Next, wrap thread around the letters. Secure the ends of the thread under the wraps. Then, cut a lollipop stick in half, and hot glue to each letter. Your topper is complete!


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