Birthday Cakes for Girls

Get the balloons ready -- it's time to celebrate! Your birthday girl will adore these creative birthday cakes, all made with easy, do-at-home techniques. Try these ideas with a purchased cake mix, or bake from scratch with our ready-to-use birthday cake recipes.

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    Easy Butterfly Cake

    Your birthday girl will flutter with excitement for this cute butterfly birthday cake. Let her decorate the wings with her favorite colors and candies for a beautiful, creative design.

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    Polka-Dot Cake

    This cake is cute as a button and so easy to make. Change the colors of the dots to satisfy your birthday girl's favorites, and top it off with an easy-to-make banner.

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    Sunshine Cake

    Let your birthday girl shine! Easy assembly and chocolate chip sunglasses keep this sunny cake oh, so cool.

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    Castle Cake

    Treat your birthday princess to her own fairy-tale castle with this easy cut-and-assemble birthday cake. Frosting-coated sugar cones form the turrets, while assorted candies such as taffy and chocolates make up windows and doors.

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    Cute Owl Cake

    Any birthday girl will love the wide-eyed mama owl cake and her baby owl cupcakes -- and when they're this easy to make, so will you! Colored frosting, almond-sliver feathers, and mini-doughnut eyes create these adorable birthday cakes.

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    How to Decorate a Cake Like a Pro

    Watch our video and learn the insider secrets to wielding a pastry bag -- we'll show you how to fake a professional-looking cake!

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    Cherry Flower Power Cake

    This pretty-in-pink cake will put a smile on your birthday girl's face. Shortcut fondant flowers create a bright bouquet to cover this cute birthday cake.

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    Sunflower Cake

    This stunning sunflower cake will wow all your birthday guests. Decorated with chocolate chip seeds, ladyfinger petals, and homemade gummy bees, it looks like it's been picked fresh from the garden!

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    Lollipop Cake

    Making this sweet treat is easier than it looks -- just top a round cake with twisted colored fondant and sprinkle with sugar. A chocolate-covered pretzel rod and pretty bow make the perfect lollipop stick.

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    Balloon Cake

    Bright and colorful frostings turn small wafer cookies into whimsical birthday balloons on this easy birthday cake. Shoestring licorice and a sky blue background complete the easy design.

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    Rainbow Pinwheel Cake

    Celebrate all the colors of the rainbow in this pinwheel cake perfect for your birthday girl. Personalize this fun cake recipe by tinting the batter to match your child's favorite colors -- divide and layer the batters for a swirled effect.

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    Gum Ball Machine Cake

    For the birthday girl who loves candy, this gum ball machine birthday cake hits the spot. Three basic cakes -- round, square, and sheet -- make the base of the cake before decorating with real gum balls and a corn-chip candy dispenser.

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