Our Best Birthday Cake Recipes

Celebrate the special days in your loved ones' lives with an elegant and delicious birthday cake! From red velvet to citrus-flavor cakes, we have a birthday cake recipe to suit even the pickiest guest of honor!

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    Buttermilk White Cake with Coconut

    This delicate, tender cake is enveloped in fluffy frosting and coconut.

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    Red Velvet Cake

    A little cocoa and red food coloring turn classic white cake into a red-hot dessert. Buttercream frosting adds an extra layer of decadence to this birthday cake recipe.

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    Chocolate Cake with Malt Topping

    This brithday cake's deep chocolate flavor makes it sophisticated enough for grown-up palates, while the malted milk balls make it whimsically fun and kid-friendly.

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    Dulce de Leche Cake

    With irresistible dulce de leche cream inside, and whipped cream frosting and caramelized sugar drizzle outside, this cake is sure to impress.

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    Chocolate and Vanilla Red Velvet Cake

    This creative take on the classic red velvet cake includes a rich vanilla filling made with white chocolate and mascarpone cheese, as well as a luxurious chocolate ganache frosting.

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    Classic Vanilla Cake

    Keep it simple yet stunning with this ultra moist birthday cake recipe. Sour cream adds a pleasing tart twist and makes the frosting extra creamy.

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    Walnut Cake with Caramel Whipped Cream

    This airy walnut-orange cake features candied nuts in the whipped cream filling. The easy caramel sauce can be made while the cake bakes.

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    Chocolate-Lover's Cake

    The ultimate chocolate cake is topped with a heavenly chocolate butter frosting. It makes the perfect birthday cake for the chocolate lover in your life.

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    Italian Cream Cake

    This three-layer cake gets its rich flavor from coconut and pecans. Extra toasted pecans between the layers add just the right amount of crunch.

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    Orange Chiffon Cake

    Made with orange zest and juice -- then finished with orange fluff frosting -- this cake is full of citrusy goodness.

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    Six-Layer Strawberry Cake

    Layers of white cake are filled with a luscious strawberry-and-lemon cream cheese frosting.

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    Double Chocolate Cake

    Cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and a creamy chocolate frosting give this rich cake lots of chocolaty goodness.

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    Pistachio Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream

    Caramelized pistachio shards make a simple but elegant topping on this scrumptious special-occasion cake.

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    Butterscotch Marble Cake

    For an easy yet impressive birthday cake, try this recipe -- it starts with a boxed cake mix and butterscotch pudding. A rich, chocolaty icing adds a sweet finishing touch.

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    Strawberry-Chocolate Cake

    This easy-to-make pink layer cake is filled with creamy chocolate frosting.

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    Triple-Layer Lemon Cake

    With lemon zest and juice in the cake, the frosting, and the curd filling, this centerpiece is bursting with lemony flavor. Lemons sauteed with sugar create a rustic but beautiful topping.

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    Cake Decorating: Easy Frosting Designs

    With just a few household tools (a spoon and a fork!) even the most beginner baker can make impressive birthday cake designs. Watch to learn how!

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