Creative Birthday Cakes for Kids

The birthday cake is a great place to start for a party theme. Whether your child is an artist or a sailor ready for the seven seas, these birthday cake ideas will get the party started.

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    Tropical Fish Cake

    Take your next birthday party under the sea. With a few flicks of the spatula, you can create scale and fin textures for a swimmingly handsome fish cake. To feed a crowd, make extra bubble cupcakes.

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    Dragon Cake

    Transform a fluted tube cake into a fire-breathing dragon for a birthday cake that really roars. Fun add-ons like fruit-leather wings and marshmallow claws provide extra menace.

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    Artist's Palette

    Inspire your little Monet with this fun and colorful artist's palette made from a sheet cake. The masterpiece-ready paintbrush is made with a breadstick and some fruit leather.

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    Birthday Party Cookie Cakes

    These mini cookie cakes are the perfect individual dessert for birthday parties. Let the kids decorate their own cookie creation!

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    Castle Cake

    Every princess or prince needs a castle, and this cut-and-assemble cake is the perfect birthday fortress. Cover sugar cones with melted frosting for the turrets, and create colorful windows out of taffy.

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    Furry Purse Cake

    Celebrate a fashionista with an adorable purse cake. Use a round piping tip to make the shaggy fur on this sweet and stylish birthday cake.

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    How to Decorate a Cake: Pastry Bag Techniques

    Any baker can be a pastry bag whiz with a few tips. Just follow these secrets to success.

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    Race Car Cakes

    Cool car cakes will satisfy your little one's need for speed (until birthday No. 16, anyway). All you need are two round cakes, colored frosting, and candy to make two race-ready cars.

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    Go Bowling Cake

    Bowling is a great birthday party idea, and these striking cakes are sure to score. Cut the three pins from a sheet cake, and make a dramatic, dome-shape bowling ball by baking cake in a bowl.

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    Birthday Party Hat Cakes

    Bake up a batch of cone-shaped cupcakes and let the decorating begin! Don't forget to add a licorice string as a finishing touch!

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    Two Ways to Deck Out a Cake

    See how two simple supplies -- candies and lemons -- jazz up a basic cake in minutes. This is an easy solution for picky birthday boys or girls.

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    Gum-Ball Machine Cake

    Great for a candy-theme party, this gum-ball machine cake couldn't be simpler. Frost round, square, and sheet cakes, and add round candies. Use a corn chip for a 3-D candy dispenser kids will love.

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    Peanut Butter Monkey Cake

    The fun texture of chocolate cereal makes great fur on this adorable, edible monkey. A banana peel hints at birthday party monkey business.

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    Building Blocks Cake

    To make this adorable no-bake dessert, top frozen pound cakes with marshmallows to create the interlocking blocks. Brightly colored powdered-sugar frosting tinted with paste food coloring adds realistic shine.

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    Rocket Ship

    Decorated with candy and our creamy white frosting, this easy birthday cake is ready for lift-off in 3, 2, 1.

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    Chocolate-Dipped Cupcake Cones

    Bake cake in ice cream cones and top with fluffy whipped cream, for birthday cupcakes that won't melt in your hand!

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    Robot Cake

    It's so easy to convert a 13x9x2-inch cake into this cute robot. Candy-coated milk chocolate and licorice candies add futuristic flair.

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    Sailboat Cake

    Complete with a doughnut dingy and a breadstick mast, this little ship is fit to sail the seas at your skipper's next birthday party. Trim loaf and square cakes for the boat and sails.

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    Cheeseburger Ice Cream Cake

    This cool cake is nearly identical to the all-American lunch favorite. To make it, sandwich chocolate ice cream, cheese made of fondant, and shredded coconut (dyed to look like lettuce) between two round yellow cakes. Serve it with "fries" made of sliced pound cake.

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    Decorate a Cake with Candy

    You make the cake base you want, then just add candy! Easy, peasy decorations are just a candy aisle away; here are 11 ideas.

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    Sledding Party Cake

    Create your own winter wonderland atop this coconut-covered cake. Frosting-topped pretzels form a miniature pine forest, while bear-shape cookies on fruit-leather sleds make adorable decorations.

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    All-Star Sports Cake

    A standard sheet cake transforms easily into a sports jersey. To personalize the cake, use your child's age as the number on the jersey.

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    Sunflower Cake

    Studded with citrus candies, this cake sets the mood for a fun time. Kids love to pick off and eat the fruity embellishments.

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    Flip-Flop Cake

    Layer a pound cake with ice cream for this delightful summertime treat. To create the flip-flop shape, trace the bottom of a child-size flip-flop shoe onto cardboard. Then use the cardboard stencil to cut the shape out of the cake.

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