Pumpkin Bread Recipes

Your favorite autumn flavor is here to save the day -- and the brunch or dessert table. We've gathered our best pumpkin bread recipes so you can find the perfect addition to the season. There's a pumpkin bread for the traditionalist who wants nothing but the classic, and a frosted or slow cooker pumpkin bread for the more adventurous eater. Feel free to try them all!

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    Frosted Pumpkin Bread

    This classic quick bread is incredible on its own for breakfast, a snack, or dessert with a dollop of cocoa-spice frosting. 

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    Pumpkin-Cranberry Bread

    When fall comes around, pumpkin and cranberry rise to the occasion. Why not invite both to breakfast? This moist bread bakes in the slow cooker for a no-fuss treat.

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    Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bread

    Try this heartier version of pumpkin bread for a wholesome and filling treat! With just the right balance of sweetness, this delish dish is sure to become a fan favorite.

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    Two-Layer Pumpkin Bread

    A cream cheese, sour cream, and crystalized ginger filling sets this great pumpkin bread favorite recipe apart from the others!

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    Pumpkin Pecan Bread

    This bread is packed with pecans and is positively perfect. Try topping this sweet and crunchy bread with whipped cream for extra oomph.

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    Classic Pumpkin Bread

    Get back to basics with our tried-and-true classic pumpkin bread recipe. Make extra to share because it disappears quickly!

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    Pumpkin-Berry Slow Cooker Bread

    This sweet, buttery bread with a biscuitlike texture is delicately spiced. Use fresh blueberries, if possible; if you only have frozen berries, stir them into the batter without thawing them.

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    Fruited Pumpkin Loaf

    Serve this apricot-filled pumpkin bread for an easy and delicious Autumn breakfast. You don't have to tell anyone that it starts with a bread mix!

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    Pumpkin Spice Loaves

    This recipe makes two pumpkin bread loaves -- keep one and share the other with a friend. Or keep both! After all, it's hard to resist this sweet and perfectly spiced treat.

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    Pumpkin Bread Truffles

    These bite-size morsels start with basic pumpkin bread and transform to candies to satisfy pumpkin cravings in one sitting! They're perfectly decorative for any holiday party or get-together.

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    Pumpkin Corn Bread

    What's better than a warm, buttery side of corn bread? The added sweetness and spice of pumpkin! Serve it hot for maximum enjoyment.

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    Orange-Date Pumpkin Bread

    Take on a fruity twist, and give your pumpkin bread some zing with citrus and dates! Serve this spiced bread with reduced-fat cream cheese flavored with some grated orange peel.

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    11 Ways to Maximize Pumpkin in Your Life

    Get the most bang -- we mean, pumpkin -- for your buck. Pumpkin can make almost anything better.    

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