Boozy Frozen Desserts to Help You Chill Out

Why decide between a cocktail and a dessert when you can enjoy both? These boozy frozen dessert recipes, including ice cream floats and ice pops, feature wine, beer, gin, rum, and more. So go ahead—splurge! It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

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    Very Raspberry Frappe

    A splash of raspberry liqueur adds enough intrigue to make you say “just one more bite!” again and again as you devour this shake reminiscent of a chocolate-covered raspberry.

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    Tiramisu Semifreddo

    Mix coffee ice cream with Kahlua for a one-two jolt of java in this showy layered ice cream treat. Top each slice with chocolate ganache for a so-good sweet sauce.

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    Sparkling Grapefruit Sorbet Floats

    This bubbly frozen dessert recipe is like three treats in one! Fill each bowl or glass with grapefruit sorbet and vanilla ice cream, then top things off with as little (or as much) Prosecco as you like.

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    Coffee-Raspberry Zabaglione Semifreddo

    Zabaglione, an Italian dessert made with sweet wine, sugar, egg yolks, and spices, is featured in both the coffee base and the whipped cream topping of this pretty frozen dessert. We call for crushed amaretti cookies for the crust, but if you're a crazy for cocoa, try crushed chocolate wafer cookies instead.

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    Boozy Patriotic Pops

    Make sure the kids know these fun red, white, and blue ice pops are for adults only! Vodka and blue curacao make these fruit-flavor freezer pops positively intoxicating.

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    Grapefruit-Gin Cocktail Shakes

    Tangy grapefruit and herbal gin make for an uber-refreshing flavor match. Combine the two with raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream for a made-for-summer sip.

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    Mojito Sorbet

    Mint, rum, lime, sugar—this sorbet features everything you know and love from the classic mojito cocktail. Serve it in a waffle bowl or, for a party-ready presentation, add a scoop or two to a glass and finish with club soda and additional fresh mint.

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    Sparkling Rose Blueberry Floats

    Calling all wine-lovers! This fruity float features sparkling rose and a bubbly finish in the homemade berry granita (which is incredible on its own, too).

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    Fruity White Sangria Pops

    A cup of white wine spikes these ice pops with the just-right amount of alcohol: The flavor is reminiscent of sangria—but they still freeze. Toss in any seasonal fruit you’re craving.

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    Eggnog and Rum Fudge Pie

    The rum in this rich eggnog pie is optional—but highly recommended. A toasted meringue topping transforms this ice cream dessert into a baked Alaska-style masterpiece.

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    Guinness Float

    Calling for only stout beer, Irish cream liqueur, and vanilla ice cream, this grown-up spin on a root beer float will instantly become your new favorite summer treat.

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    Bahama Mama Ice Pops

    Orange, pineapple, coconut, and lime all make an appearance in this ice pop that offers a taste of the tropics. Pour on the rum, freeze, and set your phone to Do Not Disturb. It's vacation time.

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    Chocolate Stout Shake

    Opt for chocolate stout beer in this milk shake recipe for a boozy version of the black cow soda fountain mainstay.

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