6 Easy Bake Sale Hacks to Make You The Most Popular Treat Expert

Everyone will be talking about these delicious treats!
My Cupcake Addiction

Fall is the season for bake sales. But it's also the season for non-stop schedules and being super busy! Thanks to Elise Strachan and her fabulous baking videos on her YouTube Channel, My Cupcake Addiction we've got you covered on the baking front. Whether it's a last-minute bake sale, Thanksgiving dessert, or your next fall dinner party, Elise is this fall's bake sale hero for her video on dessert hacks.

We love these recipes because they're mostly store-bought foods. All it takes is a little caramel, candies, and sprinkles to dress up your favorite treats in no time. And we love that. Check out these top six dessert hacks right now:

1. Banoffee Cream Pies

My Cupcake Addiction

These bite-sized pastries only look like you spent all day baking. The secret to their success is buying pre-made tart crusts from the grocery store to use as the base. Just a banana slice, some caramel drizzle, and whipped cream topping: We swear that's all you need to blow the bake sale shoppers away!

2. "Homemade" Chocolate Chip S'mores

My Cupcake Addiction

What's better than a campfire s'more? Well, nothing...but these cookie s'mores come pretty close. Elise suggests using chocolate chip cookies from the supermarket instead of graham crackers to make this classic treat. Yum!

3. Caramel Twix Pie

My Cupcake Addiction

Can you believe you can make a 4-ingredient pie in just ten minutes? Well, you can! This Twix candy bar pie is super rich but oh-so worth it. A pre-made tart shell makes it easy to assemble. Plus, the added heaps of caramel and chocolate make it disappear quickly.

4. Lamington Mini Cakes

My Cupcake Addiction

This popular Australian sponge cake dessert will really stand out from the traditional brownies and cookies crowd. Save hours in the kitchen by using store-bought cake and a good variety of toppings. Our favorite is coconut shavings!

5. Chocolate Tiny Teddy Tartlets

My Cupcake Addiction

We guarantee these adorable tartlets will be the first to sell out at your bake sale. This rich, chocolate treat is creatively disguised as a teddy graham taking a dip in a pool of sprinkles. They look great and they taste even better...win-win!

6. Sweet Fruit Kebobs

My Cupcake Addiction

You don't always think of fruit at bake sales, but this treat will make you wonder why you never did. These three-ingredient fruit kebabs are so easy to make and the kids will love helping with the chocolaty drizzle.


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