Mexican Chicken Recipes

Pollo Placero (Plaza-Style Chicken)
From classic chicken tacos and chicken enchiladas to new flavors like chicken empanadas, our collection of Mexican chicken recipes offers tons of variety and even more bold, south-of-the-border goodness. If chicken dinners are part of your weekly routine, our authentic Mexican recipes will help you spice things up.

Baked Chicken Breasts with Black Bean Rice Pilaf

A chicken recipe that's easy and delicious? Done. All you need is a blend of ancho chile pepper, garlic, and coriander for crispy baked chicken that's oh, so good. Finish off this simple dinner with a light, veggie-packed pilaf.

Chicken and Bean Tacos

Don't wait till taco night -- these 20-minute chicken tacos are an easy and delicious option for any night of the week. The fresh toppings are up to you, but be sure to add a dollop of bean dip to each taco for a creamy, cool bite.

Grilled Chicken-Finger Fajitas with Peppers and Onions

Keep it simple, and let guests serve themselves from a gorgeous fajita platter. The recipe is easy, too. The chicken, veggies, and even tortillas just get tossed on the grill.

Enchiladas Suizas

When in doubt, make enchiladas. The cheesy, saucy tortilla bake is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and our recipe won’t disappoint. The key is a creamy filling packed with roasted jalapenos, garlic, and Mexican crema.

Ever been frustrated by filling your chicken enchiladas? The tortilla can break, the filling can spill out... well we'€™ve got the secret to assembling easy chicken enchiladas - no special tools required!

Two Steps for Enchiladas That Won't Fall Apart

If you've ever tried to scoop up an enchilada and ended up with an empty tortilla and a pile of filling, we feel your pain. Follow this video for easy enchiladas that stay together.

Chicken Sopa Seca

Sopa seca, or “dry soup,” is a traditional rice or noodle dish. We used angel-hair pasta and created a cheesy casserole-type dish that features a spicy chipotle sauce mixed with chicken and fresh oregano.

Chicken Tinga Taquitos

One word best describes these taquitos: fun! Crunchy fried tortillas wrap around spicy chicken tinga for a party-ready finger food everyone will love. You can even fill a few with a vegetable tinga for vegetarian guests.

Tortilla-Crusted Chicken with Stewed Tomatoes and Corn

This dish celebrates the simple, fresh ingredients at the heart of Mexican cooking. Sauteed chicken is served over a smoky tomato mixture and topped with crunchy fried tortilla strips for an authentic Mexican recipe.

Chicken Chilaquiles

If you love Mexican food, it's time to give chilaquiles a try. The traditional one-dish meal combines crispy baked tortillas and chili-spiced chicken for a new addition to your comfort food menu.

Flautas de Pollo

A rich blend of cumin, cinnamon, and cloves creates out-of-this-world flavor in these Mexican chicken flautas, and that’s just the filling. The outside is a crisp, golden-fried tortilla -- serve with your choice of refreshing dip.  

Tex-Mex Chicken 'n' Rice Casserole

A trio of Mexican spices teams up with chicken, rice, and plenty of cheddar in this Tex-Mex chicken casserole recipe. Add a can of diced chiles and tomatoes for bites of freshness.


Get a taste of coastal Mexico with these tostadalike panuchos. Fried tortillas are piled high with a traditional blend of chicken, black beans, and pickled onions for a flavor combo that’s as simple as it is delicious.

Empanadas de Pollo Verde

Mild salsa verde and Mexican oregano add authentic flavor to these fun chicken empanadas. Fried in oil, the fiesta-friendly hand pies feature an irresistible crispy, golden crust.

Mexican Adobo Spatchcock Chicken with Quinoa Salad

Making a traditional adobo sauce at home is easier than you think, and the mixture of hot peppers, vinegar, and fragrant herbs is as authentic (and delicious) as it gets. Rub it on chicken for a rich, spicy main dish, and cool off with our mango-studded quinoa salad.

Roasted Chicken Chimichangas

A power-packed team of chicken, pinto beans, and adobo sauce fills up these hefty fried burritos. Short on time? To make chimichangas faster, start with a roasted deli chicken.

Mango-Chicken Tinga

Chopped mango, cinnamon, and ginger transform chicken broth into an exotic, luscious simmer in this slow-cooker chicken recipe. For additional tropical pizzazz, serve each bowl of chicken tinga with slices of pineapple and lime.

Chicken Crepes with Mole Amarillo

Paper-thin homemade corn crepes are the first step in this chicken recipe, and the extra effort is definitely worth it. Filled with cheesy chicken and spicy chili sauce, the crepes are saucy inside and crispy outside.

Pollo Placero (Plaza-Style Chicken)

Believe it or not, this elegant recipe is inspired by Mexican street food. A chunky tomato sauce tops off herb-infused chicken alongside a colorful medley of roasted root vegetables. Serve it on a bed of rice for an even heartier meal.

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