There's nothing like a crunchy chicken tender. We've got crispy, addictive chicken finger ideas--no deep fryer required! Get our best baked chicken tender recipe, plus four fun ideas for creative chicken finger coatings. Still hungry? Try our kid-friendly dinner ideas and best chicken recipes.


Chicken Finger Ideas

You've never had chicken fingers like this before! We're sharing four creative chicken tender coatings. Plus, get our must-have recipe for the ultimate mix-and-match chicken fingers. 

Creative Chicken Tender Coatings

Add flavor and major crunch to baked chicken fingers with these coatings. 

Get our baked chicken tender recipe and customize it with these ideas for crunchy coatings. 

Cheesy: Crush nacho cheese-flavored tortilla chips.

Sweet and Savory: Crush honey-mustard pretzel nuggets. 

Nutty: Smash packaged sesame sticks. 

Colorful: Crush multicolored fish-shaped snacks. 

Kid-Friendly Chicken Recipes

Don't fret about dinner tonight! We've got delicious chicken recipes perfect for kids (and you). 


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