You've Never Cooked Chicken Like This

Sure, you've baked chicken, boiled chicken, and skillet-cooked chicken. But here are eight ways to cook chicken that you may have never tried. Once you use these chicken cooking methods, you won't believe you ever lived without them!

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    Coated in Pretzels

    You've coated chicken in bread crumbs, cornmeal, and crushed crackers, but how about pretzels? Take it to the next level by using flavored prezels for an all-in-one breading and seasoning mix. Now that's finger-lickin' good!

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    Dipped in Yogurt

    Stop the madness of handling raw egg when breading chicken! A quick dunk in slightly-tangy yogurt has the same effect of giving the coating something to stick to while helping to tenderize the chicken without risking raw egg on your countertops.

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    Brined in Pickle Juice

    Don't you dare dump that leftover pickle juice down the sink! It makes a tantilizing brine for chicken thighs. Plop chicken in the jar with the remaining juice, let it marinate overnight, and cook the next day for an irresistible chicken dinner.

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    Under a Brick

    Yes, you read correctly: This chicken recipe is actually cooked under a heavy brick. Why, you ask? The weight of the brick on partially-flattened chicken helps push the fat out and creates more surface area, resulting in deliciously crispy skin and moist, juicy meat. Try it and you'll see what we mean.

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    On a Beer Can

    If you're firing up the grill, chances are good there's a can of beer nearby. Crack one open not for drinking (or maybe in addition to) but rather to insert into the cavity of a chicken for a flavor-packed, extra-moist grilled chicken recipe.

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    OK, OK, Here's How to Cook Chicken (a Basic Way)

    No time to experiment with fun ways to cook chicken? Here's how to bake chicken that's full of flavor in about 20 minutes the traditional way: in your oven.

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    On a Plank

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard of salmon cooked on a cedar plank -- but plank cooking works for chicken, too! Cooking chicken on a plank makes it easier to pick up and move, and it allows you to add ingredients (mmm, bacon) on top without worrying about losing food down the grill grate.

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    Shaped into Meatballs

    If you thought all meatballs were alike, think again! Starting with ground chicken as your base, instead of beef or pork, offers an entirely new meatball experience. Add them to this Asian-inspired noodle bowl for a hearty dinner. Before you know it, you'll be adding chicken meatballs to all kinds of recipes.

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