Fried Chicken Recipes

Fried chicken in the summer, fried chicken in the winter -- crispy fried chicken hits the spot, no matter what time of year. As classic a dish as fried chicken is, there's more than one way to enjoy it. Traditional fried chicken, coated with a flour mixture and fried in oil, is a mainstay of family picnics and other get-togethers. With recipes for herb-fried chicken and other flavor twists, you can add flair and Southern-inspired taste to your chicken. For more Southern-infused meals, try your hand at chicken and waffles, a longtime Southern tradition that will jazz up your dinner rotation. Of course, you'll find the ever-popular chicken-fried steak here, too, with ideas for classic side dishes to round out the meal. Feeding kids for dinner? Little ones are sure to love oven-fried chicken breast tenders that are perfect for dunking into favorite sauces. With many menu ideas, comfort food favorites, and quick 30-minute recipes, there's a fried chicken recipe for everyone.

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Spicy Sriracha Fried Chicken

Love spicy chicken? This fried chicken recipe has your name on it! It's marinated in sriracha for up to 24 hours, so each bite is already spicy, and then we took it one step further and added a creamy sriracha dipping sauce on the side.

Ranch Fried Chicken

Your favorite salad dressing plays a role in giving this crispy fried chicken more flavor. Save some to serve on the side for dipping, and mix a few dollops into the breading so each bite has creamy ranch flavor.

Pan-Fried Pretzel Chicken

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We love a good fried chicken sandwich, and this is one of the best ones out there. Coat your chicken in crushed pretzels and fry for a few minutes on the stove for the crispiest outer coating, then finish it off in the oven.

Pickled-Jalapeno Fried Chicken

Recipe creator Kate Ramos uses the pickled jalapeno brine on this fried chicken recipe as insurance for moist chicken. "I like to brine overnight to guarantee the result is juicy and flavor-packed," she says.

Fried Chicken Recipes

Fried chicken doesn't require a deep-fat fryer. We offer recipes fried in a skillet, as well as healthier oven-fried chicken recipes. Try our chicken wings, classic Chicken Cordon Bleu, and more -- we've got the perfect fried chicken recipe for dinner tonight.

Pan-Fried Chicken with Polenta and Vegetables

Head to the south for dinner tonight by serving a creamy polenta recipe alongside pan-fried chicken and skillet-roasted vegetables. The complete chicken and polenta recipe takes just 30 minutes!

More Fried Chicken Recipes

Green Chile Fried Chicken

Allow the chicken to marinate overnight so each piece is fully infused with Mexican spices.

Crusty, Herb-Fried Chicken

Pan fry then bake chicken for the perfectly crispy crust. Serve this herbacious recipe with mashed or baked potatoes.

Buttermilk-Brined Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has always been a family favorite. Don't be surprised by the amount of salt in the buttermilk brine. It gives the chicken great flavor.