The Classic Chicken Recipes You Need to Know How to Cook

Lemon Butter Chicken Breasts
Introducing: The 13 classic chicken recipes all home cooks should have in their arsenal. Master these and you'll never be without ideas for your next dinner party—or be stuck with bland, boring white meat meals again.

Chicken Parmigiana

Whipping up this Italian classic from scratch is definitely worth the effort, and get this: It takes less than 60 minutes to DIY this entire dinner! The key to the quick cooking is pounding the chicken breasts nice and thin so they sear to crunchy perfection in a matter of minutes.

Deep-Dish Chicken Pot Pie

Use this comfort food recipe to master two techniques at once: pastry crust and chicken pot pie filling. With five different veggies in the mix, you can feel good about serving this savory pie to your family.

Classic Chicken Cacciatore

A half cup of white wine and aromatic ingredients like oregano, onions, and garlic make these skillet-cooked chicken thighs taste like they've been slow-cooking all day. This one-pan meal finishes with 20 minutes of simmering, making it a perfect choice for dinner parties since all the effort is done early.

Chicken and Dumplings

Homemade dumplings (essentially wide and thin egg noodles) and roasted chicken are pulled together with a creamy chicken and vegetable broth. Pull on some slippers and enjoy an afternoon walking in Grandma's footsteps with this throwback recipe.

Classic Roast Chicken

A quality, dry bird and a high roasting temp make this the best homemade roast chicken recipe you’ll ever cook. Once you’ve mastered the basic version, try stuffing with lemon and herbs, rubbing with spices, or slathering with garlic butter.

Bone-In Chicken Noodle Soup

Speed up homemade chicken noodle soup by creating the from-scratch chicken stock and the veggie- and pasta-loaded soup all at once. Opt for bone-in chicken thighs and drumsticks for big flavor and a rich texture.

Chicken Marsala Skillet

Few 30(ish)-minute meals pack as much flavor as this Italian favorite that features crispy pan-fried chicken smothered in a Marsala wine-spiked mushroom sauce. Once again, pounding the meat nice and thin ensures the best texture and a speedy start-to-finish time.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Cordon bleu translates to “blue ribbon” in French—which is exactly what this ham and cheese-stuffed crispy chicken dinner will earn you once you share it with your family. This is one filling entree, so a side of veggies should be plenty to round out the meal.

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Buttermilk-Brined Fried Chicken

Why grab a bucket of the fast-food variety when you can DIY and customize your own fried chicken with flavor enhancers (pecans, anyone?) or spices (cayenne for the win!)?

Tip: For the crunchiest coating, monitor the oil temperature and keep it as close to 325˚F as possible.

Slow Cooker Coq au Vin

“The aroma while it's cooking makes the whole house smell fabulous and the taste is just delicious!” raves fan Dana. Experience the sensory delight of this remarkably easy chicken dinner by preparing the red wine-braised meal in your slow cooker.

Quick Chicken Paprikash

This paprika-scented (hence the name) Hungarian chicken dinner often takes an hour or more to create, but not this fast-forward version. Serve over spaetzle or your favorite pasta to soak up every last bit of the tomato gravy.

Chicken Kiev

What we know: This chicken entree is stuffed with herb butter, coated in a layer of bread crumbs, and completely irresistible when served piping hot. What we don’t know: Which country’s chefs, France, Russia, or Ukraine, developed this culinary delight. Regardless of its origin, trust us when we say it’s a meal worth adding to your “best chicken recipes” file.

Lemon Butter Chicken Breasts

Chances are you have everything needed to sauté up this 30-minute meal in your kitchen right this moment. Low in carbs yet high in protein and flavor, this citrusy chicken recipe is great with leftover rice or pasta for a fast-fix family dinner.

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