Boneless Chicken

We have everything you need to make the most of versatile boneless chicken. From chicken thighs to healthy chicken breasts, these weeknight staples make dinner easy. We've included helpful cooking tips, great recipes, and easy cooking videos. For a quick, healthy, and flavorful meal, turn to boneless chicken!

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Chicken and Apple Open-Face Sandwiches
If you prefer, double the amount of baby spinach and sauté it with olive oil before layering in sandwiches.
Air-Fryer Chicken Katsu Sandwiches
Rating: Unrated 2
An air "fried" chicken sandwich can be just as juicy in the center and crispy on the outside as a traditionally fried chicken sandwich, as this recipe proves. But if you don't have an air fryer, we included an oven variation, too.
Crispy Dill Pickle Chicken Sandwiches
Rating: Unrated 2
Pickle lovers won't be able to get enough of this fried chicken sandwich. The chicken gets marinated in a pickle juice mixture to soak up that flavor (and moisture) and when topped with more pickles, it can't be beat.
Buffalo-Style Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Rating: Unrated 1
You too can be a contender in the spicy chicken sandwich wars that have been going on with rival restaurant chains with your own homemade spicy chicken sandwich. This chicken recipe is breaded and fried like the competitors, but has a fresh topper of celery and carrots in a blue cheese dressing that make it stand out.
One-Pot Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya
This classic Cajun meal easily comes together in an hour. Got time? Try making it in the slow cooker.
Quick Szechwan Chicken
Chili bean sauce is a salty paste made from fermented soybeans and chile peppers. It gives a deep savory flavor to Szechwan dishes. This easy recipe will rival your favorite takeout spot.

More Boneless Chicken

Pack-and-Go Hoagies
Get a head start on this recipe the next time you're grilling by throwing on extra pork tenderloin or steak for the fillings.
Ancho Chile Chicken with Poblanos and Tomatillos
Rating: Unrated 1
Load your sheet pan with tangy tomatillos, chicken, peppers, and onions to create a fantastic taco filling.
Cold Oven Chicken
Rating: 5 stars 1

This cold-oven chicken delivers juicy, tender results every time and with several flavor options, you could make a different version every weeknight this week!