How to Make Oven BBQ Chicken

Double Cover
In his American Classics series, cooking guru Scott Peacock offers the inside scoop on making succulent barbecue chicken.

American Classics: Oven BBQ Chicken

Decadently sauced and falling-from-the-bone tender, Scott Peacock's classic barbecue chicken recipe is a family favorite. See the following slides for the recipe and step-by-step instructions for getting it right.

Cook Over Low Heat

To get started, melt butter and then add in onion, garlic, and salt. "Gently saute the onion and garlic, taking care not to let them brown," says Scott.

Build Depth

"Begin building depth by stirring the spices into the onions and lightly cooking," says Scott. "This step is key to developing their aroma and flavor."

Add Molasses

"Much of the sauce's character comes from molasses, which gives a subtle yet distinctive flavor," says Scott.

Whisk in Tomato Paste

"Instead of chasing the tomato paste round and round in the pot with a spoon, scoop it up from the measuring cup with a whisk and blend it in," says Scott.

Simmer Slowly

"Lightly simmer until the sauce bubbles thickly across the top and the texture becomes rich and coats the spoon," says Scott.

Sear First

"Taking the time to brown the chicken well greatly contributes to the taste of the final dish," says Scott. "You're not cooking it through, just getting a nicely golden browned crust."

Use the Right Size Cookware

"Create tight quarters by using baking dishes with just enough space for the chicken pieces, so the chicken can cook in its own juices," says Scott.

Double Cover

"The acidity in the sauce can react with foil, so place a layer of parchment paper over the chicken before covering with foil," says Scott. "A tight seal keeps the sauce from burning and creates an almost no-liquid braise."

Add Lots of Sauce

"Paint generously with a final brush of sauce and finish in a hot oven for a blue-ribbon-worthy glaze," says Scott.

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