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Thanks to its amazing versatility, we have enough chicken recipe ideas here to keep you cooking something new every night of the year! Our ideas include 30-minute dinners, slow cooker soups, skillet dinners, bubbly casseroles, the possibilities for chicken recipes are virtually endless. Cook a chicken breast to top your greens for lunch or air fry chicken wings for a better-for-you appetizer. No matter the meal, you'll find a recipe highlighting chicken for the occasion.

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Cider-Braised Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, and Apples
Smaller Brussels sprouts tend to be sweeter than larger ones, so choose small to medium ones, if possible. Whichever size you get, look for sprouts with firm, compact heads and minimal blemishes or wilted leaves.
Chicken and Apple Open-Face Sandwiches
If you prefer, double the amount of baby spinach and sauté it with olive oil before layering in sandwiches.
Mely's Enchiladas Suizas
"Mexico City and the areas around it are the oldest parts of the country and where many of the dishes eaten all over Mexico have their origins," Mely says. "Walk into a diner anywhere in the country and you will find chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and enchiladas suizas--all of those dishes are from here." Bring the flavors to your own dining table with Mely's recipe.
Cemita Poblana (Puebla-Style Sandwich)
This delicious sandwich hails from the Mexican city of Puebla. The traditional version is usually made with a breaded veal cutlet, but we gave the same crunchy treatment to chicken breasts here.
Air-Fryer Chicken Katsu Sandwiches
An air "fried" chicken sandwich can be just as juicy in the center and crispy on the outside as a traditionally fried chicken sandwich, as this recipe proves. But if you don't have an air fryer, we included an oven variation, too.

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Crispy Dill Pickle Chicken Sandwiches
Rating: Unrated 2
Pickle lovers won't be able to get enough of this fried chicken sandwich. The chicken gets marinated in a pickle juice mixture to soak up that flavor (and moisture) and when topped with more pickles, it can't be beat.
Buffalo-Style Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Rating: Unrated 1
You too can be a contender in the spicy chicken sandwich wars that have been going on with rival restaurant chains with your own homemade spicy chicken sandwich. This chicken recipe is breaded and fried like the competitors, but has a fresh topper of celery and carrots in a blue cheese dressing that make it stand out.

Tamarind BBQ Chicken

For an easy side dish for this grilled BBQ chicken recipe, brush a little of the sauce on halved baby bok choy and grill them next to the chicken over direct heat 2 to 3 minutes.