Scott Peacock's American Classics

Scott Peacock is a master chef and, for any reader of Better Homes and Gardens, he's a familiar face. He's taken American classics and reinterpreted them for today's cooks with fresh ingredients, simple-to-follow steps, and familiar cooking methods. Many of his recipes are also inspired by his Southern roots for another fun twist. We gathered all the recipes in his American Classics series in one place. As a contributing editor, he wants home cooks to enjoy all the delicious foods that he grew up with and help them to add these great dishes to their regular cooking repertoire. Start with his satisfying main dishes, including meat loaf, pot roast, and barbecue chicken. It's the food your mom used to make, but it's more accessible for today's cooks. He's also got mouthwatering sides, such as light and buttery dinner rolls and bread-and-butter pickles. And because dessert is an American favorite, Scott offers a range of recipes and preparation instructions, including fresh raspberry bars, blueberry ice cream pie, and fried pies.